Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Equal opportunity
Faced with adverse challenges many rise to
the occasion. Hence all of the heroes who
have helped us survive the Covid 19 crisis
so far. How could we have survived sans the
bravery of hospital and medical caregivers?
Along with the folks who stock our grocery
shelves? All of whom make a difference in
our lives. However not every one is a hero.
Some of us are cowards. Unable to take the
steps necessary to do what has to be done.
Who rather than step up, step back. Hiding
in the shadows. Waiting for somebody else
to make this world a better place.
The truth be told
This morning a friend shared that she was
taking Oprah's advice. Which is to "live
your own truth." In other words be honest
with yourself and others. All too often we
make things worse by doing anything but
that. Sadly most of us assume that candor
will get us in trouble. Hence we try to put
things in the best way possible. Twisting
facts to suit our own purpose. Attempting
to make everyone happy even if that's an
 impossible dream. Doing the right thing
requires communication. A dialogue with
oneself and others about facts not fiction.
Face time

Good intentions aside, trying to avoid the
inevitable only complicates life. Except
in rare instances can any of us transform
bad into good. Such a transformation is
hard work. The first step being to embrace
reality and develop a fact based strategy
that course corrects. Such a process isn't
always a "kum ba yah" experience. In that
embracing truth means accepting things as
they truly are. Yet in the end there no gain
sans pain. Which is why I can't agree more
with my friend. Living one's truth is the
only way to succeed. Try it. You'll like it.