Thursday, March 25, 2021

The sum total of which is...

Comp time
I've never been a mathematical whiz. Baffled by
anything beyond basic arithmetic I struggle with
numbers. Hence it adds up that the only way that
I passed algebra was by creating bulletin boards
for my teacher after school. Don't get me wrong,
if forced to I can calculate with the best of them.
Even if my natural inclination is to do anything
but enter data onto some Excel spreadsheet. Yet
life rarely allows one to avoid the inevitable. So
I've spent the past week cooking the "books" for
our business. An annual necessary evil that this
blogger detests, loathes, and abhors. Therefore
even a filing an extension only extends the pain.
Alternative route
I know what I know. Thus for this man the
status quo is much more comfortable than
anything new. Which is why I compile and
create elaborate data dumps in WORD not
EXCEL. Along with doing anything needed
to avoid downloading Quickbooks. While
everybody assures me that doing just that
would make life easier - I choose to reject
convenience for comfort. Creating a more
taxing situation when I prepare my taxes.
Hence as with all things in life - I make
them harder than they have to be. I guess
I'm a rebel at heart. Or a complete fool.
Pay day
Paying Caesar his due is the ultimate act of
conformity. Proof that each of us are cogs in
society's machinations. What makes it even
worse is the related paperwork required to
pay up. Thus much like preparing for one's
weekly cleaning lady's visit - it takes weeks
to gather all necessary for the accountant to
do their job. Somehow I got through it and
now its THEIR problem - not mine. That is
until they talley up and tell me how much
I owe. The sum total of which always seems
unfair along with beyond unnecessary. And
therefore somehow it all never adds up.