Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Burning questions
Inevitably where there is smoke there is fire.
Causing me to recall Peggy Lee's ballad about
a child watching their house burn down. Only
to ask "is that all there is?" It's easy to become
jaded during incendiary times such as these.
The hotter it gets, the greater the smokescreen.
As Rome burns some continue to heap fuel on
said conflagration. Rumor, lies, and innuendo.
Scorched earth tactics designed to destroy all
evidence. Thus while smoke and mirrors may
temporarily shield our eyes from the truth all
will ultimately be revealed. The question being
who amongst us will be burned in the process?

Crimes against humanity
History shows that given the choice, even the
best of us make mistakes. So rather than take
a risk we look the other way. Make excuses.
Defend the obviously indefensible. Or simply
pretend it never happened. The end result being
crimes against humanity. And yet why are we
surprised? Since the dawn of time mankind has
been flawed at best. Given but one rule to abide
by Adam and Even still chose to break it. Since
then subsequent generations have massacred
their friends, neighbors, and family for all sorts
of reasons. Often doing the bidding of errant
leaders rather than stand up for what is right.

Innocent until proven guilty
Seven decades ago Adolf Hitler led Germany
down the wrong path. One that required that
the average make a plethora of cataclysmic
compromises. In theory all had a choice in
said process. Yet in reality few if any had the
guts to reject such an evil group effort. Step by
step, day by day, excuse by excuse, crime by
crime they opted in. At the time it all seemed
completely normal. And then suddenly it was
over. From the wreckage that remained arose
the realization of just how vile, corrupt, and
wicked it all was. Sadly history could repeat
itself. That is if we allow it to do just that.

Damned if  you do or you don't
Few make a purposeful decision to do the wrong
thing. Rather they subtly and slowly evolve their
ethics one misstep at a time. Hence the error of
their ways. Letting something slide only insures
that one slips down into an abyss of compromise.
One where rules are meant to be broken. Excuses
are willingly made with abandon. And when lies
become "truths". Said process of elimination is
nothing but the subtle destruction of morality.
And suddenly even the best of intentions can be
tainted by the poison of compromise. All because
somebody allows another to do the wrong thing.
Again, and again, and again. No matter the cost.

The gold standard
We all know right from wrong. Yet sadly we
often don't realize the difference until it's too
late. The process occurring in Washington is
really a rather simple affair. It comes down to
one core task - defining the line between good
and evil. Each and every American has a moral
responsibility to listen, learn, and act upon the
facts not fiction. Reach your own conclusion.
What was right? What was wrong? Will we
the people allow our leaders to violate of our
integrity and fulfill their needs alone? Right
their wrongs or condone them? This isn't just
about one man's crimes, it's about our future.

Monday, November 11, 2019


Who, what, when, where, why?
The good news is we can all relate. Yet our
challenge is when we assume anything. All
too often my readers reach out to ask "how
did you know?" However I'm not some Long
Island clairvoyant wandering grocery store
aisles channeling long lost secrets. The truth
is few if any of us are all that special. Hence
what you're struggling with, many others are
also. Therefore when I explore an issue, it's
rarely about those who relate to the subject
at hand. Rather it's all about what's in my
head as I sit and write this blog. A melange
of influences making it all about us, not you.

Us versus them
Our collective human experience often ends
up teaching us the same lesson over and over.
Initially I was more than a Pollyanna. Naive
enough to believe that folks naturally wanted
to do the right thing. However over time I've
been proven wrong more times than I care to
admit. The end result being I'm either wise
or jaded - depending on which side of the
problem equation  you're on. Last night a
former co-worker reached out about a hyper
political situation at her firm. One where a
duo had skewed the pay scale in their favor.
All while conducting a clandestine affair!!

Patience makes perfect
Life is unfair. Yet what goes around comes
around. But rarely if/when we'd like it to.
Ultimately doing the right thing pays off
with compounded interest. Requiring the
patience and fortitude to wait for all of the
crap to finally reach a proper conclusion.
So back to the problem at hand. All of the
above may be about my friend. However my
sharing it is in the hope that it can benefit all
of us. Few if any of us are ever alone. Nor
are the challenges confronting us unique to
our situation. People, places, and details aside
everything in life is "been there... done that."

Safety in numbers
Hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Or the
error of another's ways. No wonder somebody
invented group therapy. In the end we find out
that we're really not all that special. And while
said exclusion from exclusivity is sometimes
hard to embrace, it ultimately brings relief.
Which is the reason why I spill my guts on-
line regularly. There is no reason to go it alone.
Help is inevitably on the way as long as one is
willing to share their woes. So instead of doing
a solo act, sing out Louise! Whether via a duet,
quartette, ensemble, or choir. Together we are
better. Which makes life all the more livable.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

7th Day Surprise: Moral Majority?


One can't help but be amazed at how many
use the Bible as justification for their sins.
Including who they vote for.

Fundamentalist Christians
seem to be the worst offenders.
Their blurring of fantasy, doctrine, and reality
is at times beyond bizarre.
In this world of bigotry, piety, and poetry
What Would Jesus Do?