Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Pass imperfect
Post my cyber scam I spent all of yesterday
mounting a defense. Assured by Apple that
my passwords were fine -  I changed them.
A tedious task that proves how fragile one's
personal security is on-line. If you're like
me - you forgot all of your passwords. Not
recording them in one spot. Post allowing a
stranger to roam my laptop I didn't type out
and save my new passwords on my desktop.
Instead I did it the old fashioned way with
pen on paper. Nor did I let some password
"tool" generate "options. Instead I used my
own secret code. Now let's hope it works!
Double indemnity
All of the above may seem paranoid but can
you blame me? At least for me, my personal
laptop is about as personal as I can get. My
constant companion throughout each day.
Right or wrong I rely on my computer. Or... 
some might suggest have become addicted to
the instant access it offers to world at large.
Hence like it or not, we're a team. Thus when
somebody threatens my sidekick I kick into
defense mode. Ultimately I have to hope I've
done everything I can do to insure my data
remains secure. However I'm certain I've a
bad case of post traumatic stress syndrome.  
Stop, drop, and roll
Life is short. So every time something bad
happens I feel like said stress is cutting it
even closer. The last thing I need is to end
up with a massive tumor caused by some
huckster in India. Reason enough to do my
best to learn from my mistakes.  Which are
mostly driven by my desire for a quick fix.
When crisis hits I spring to action. A good
thing except when not accompanied by a
dose of cautious reason. So the next time
something goes wrong I need to think first.
Otherwise I'll only make things worse. 
Hence my new password is CAUTION.