Friday, May 31, 2019


Enough already?
When faced with incomprehensible challenges,
most dream of taking the easy way out. Rather
than extend the pain, confusion, and angst, we
ignore the facts. Hoping that somehow, in some
way, it will all disappear. Or that somebody else
will deal with and solve our problems. However
rarely does anything of consequence occur sans
a proper amount of time and effort. Hence it's
safe to assume that solving a problem requires
we do something about it. Reinforcing the old
adage "no pain, no gain." So why are we all so
hesitant to deal with the criminal elephant who
currently rules America from our Oval Office?
Over the edge?
Post Mr. Mueller's statements on Wednesday,
we've no choice but to do something about it.
Lack of action only reinforces that we either
don't care, or have lowered our standards to
their base level. To be clear, this isn't a blue
liberal democrat suggesting we hurt those I
disagree with. Rather, this patriotic American
demands we fight for the very essence of our
country. And that our elected officials do all
that it takes to stop Mr. Trump's dishonesty,
manipulation, and obstruction. No matter the
political consequences. That's the only way
Who dun nit?
Sadly, many of my friends and neighbors prefer
to ignore the truth and turn the other cheek. Not
n an effort to forgive and forget. But rather to
avoid the conflicts involved in cleaning up Mr.
Trump's mess. A position which in my opinion
concurs with Mr. Trump's random accusations
of treason. Yet ignoring facts, avoiding conflict,
and letting political dogs off the hook is in the
end nothing but treasonous.  Or at a minimum
IMMORAL. Yet why do so many of us want to
end the conversation. To move on sans holding
Donald Trump responsible for HIS wrongs?
What do we gain by doing absolutely nothing?
Read it and weep
The first thing necessary is to face facts. Which
requires reading the Mueller report for yourself.
Having done so myself, I've no doubt that you
will reach the same conclusion. That Mr. Trump
and his cohorts have violated the sanctity of our
highest office. And that Trump himself crossed
over the line between right and wrong multiple
and frequent times. Therefore... he must be held
accountable. Otherwise, we risk weakening the
very core of our democratic republic. And by
doing absolutely nothing - endanger the safety
and freedom of all Americans. So let's get over
it and impeach Trump! It's time to face reality.

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Glass menagerie
Some things bubble to the top.
In part because they differ from
the rest. Blown glass is by it's
nature a captured moment in
time. Which is why transparent
magic has intrigued mankind
since its discovery...

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Workers compensation
It was an average weekday repast at our house.
As we started dinner, Mom was decked out in
a lovely frock. Dad was obviously tired but had
freshened up post a long day at the office. Then
my father made an announcement. "Guess what?
Tomorrow you start your paper route?" And my
response? "What paper route?!" An eleven year
old boy of comfortable circumstances, I felt no
need to work. However my parents had a much
different idea, and goal. Which was starting to
teach me about the realities of the world beyond
of our insulated environment. And like it or not,
it started NOW. I had no choice but to just do it.
Longterm investment
In hindsight I can't thank my parents enough for
that lesson and many more. As children of the
depression they knew what they felt was best
for me. Requiring that I pay as I go. Thus since
that evening of revelation I've learned the value
of a hard earned buck. And most important, that
little in life comes easy. A lesson that honestly
I've struggled with for most of my life. In part
because success often came too easily. Blessed
with talent, drive, and more than my share of
luck I found my way. All because my parents
started me on a glide path which while rocky
at times, ultimately led me to a better place.
What a bummer
Almost every child seems ungrateful at times.
That's because they have no context against
which to measure their parent's largesse. No
outside context against which to balance their
circumstances. Which is why my Mother and
Dad took me monthly to the Bowery Mission.
A precursor to modern day homeless shelters
it was a depressing place where everybody we
met smelled really bad. Or sported a hacking
cough. Yet they dutifully sat through a sermon
in order to get a hot meal and a warm bed. All
of which caused this boy to ask himself "how
do I make sure this NEVER happens to me?!"
Parent trap
So where did we go wrong? Whenever we start
to complain about irresponsible young folks we
should look in the mirror. If anybody is at fault
for their being out of touch its people like us.
Somehow we forgot to leverage the lessons our
parents taught us. And somehow lost our way.
Leading the next generation down a golden path
with little to no connection to reality. Now we
wonder why many of them return home post a
few years in the workforce. Not knowing why
the world at large isn't as wonderful as it was on
their home turf. Disappointed, confused, and
disenfranchised. Proof we didn't do OUR jobs.
Growth experiences
Fortunately most of us learn from our mistakes.
Growth is if nothing else an incremental process.
Step by step, experience by experience, day by
day each of us grows older and wiser. My grand
daughter "M" calls me often via her facebook
"video chat." Miles apart, we're still able to chat
as she fixes her hair, makes her own breakfast,
or complains about having to do yard work. In
Chicago, my four year old grandson loves little
more than helping out. So even at his young age
he knows how to chop, dice, and prepare dinner.
Both are in their own way starting life on the
right path to be healthy, happy, and successful.
Old enough to know better
In hindsight, my parents were incredibly smart.
Investing the time and effort to put me to work.
Along with every parent who requires that their
offspring make their own bed. To clean up after
themselves. Or work in a menial job in order to
put their future endeavors in context. To all of
those parents who do the opposite. Indulging
their child's every whim. "Protecting" their kids
from all of those nasty things they had to do in
their youth. Your lack of guidance is shameful.
Rather than helping your child you are hurting
them. Isn't time you grew up and started to act
like a parent should? Invest in their future now!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Easier said than done
I guess you could call me a repeat offender.
For reasons beyond my control I make the
wrong decision. Or if nothing else, I tend to
choose the path of most resistance. While
some get a thrill being tortured, I simply
can't seem to avoid complicating things.
Thus in my hands even the simplest of tasks
become not just complicated but convoluted.
The resulting process only confirming that
the harder I try... the harder I fall. However
somehow said self flagellation inevitably
takes me to a better place. One where my
mistakes transform into gains... not losses.
Tried and true 
If you're like me, you must do it the hard way.
Anything easier would be all too convenient.
And hence... forgettable. Instead I would rather
torture myself in order to learn my lesson. In
part because taking the easy way out (at least
for me) never seems to work out. Rather it only
creates more issues that I have to deal with. So
at least for this curmudgeon I prefer to struggle
through whatever is on my plate in the hope
that ultimately I'll benefit from the experience.
A philosophy that overall has mostly worked
to my benefit. And if nothing else forced me
to confront and deal with my own limitations.
Wrong or right?
Don't get me wrong - if I've been there, done
that I'll gladly opt for what I know is a smooth
and easy approach. However when facing new
learning "opportunities" I've found that slow
and steady wins the race. Or... at least insures
that at some point one reaches their best and
final destination. Hence having to learn the
hard way is my approach to adult education.
And while trying, said process of elimination
only proves that if at first you don't succeed...
try... try... again. All in the hope that somehow
you'll figure it out for yourself. Or find some
one who may be willing to set you straight.
Repeat performance
Obviously it doesn't have to be as hard as some
of us make it. Like most men, I could read the
directions prior to trying to put it together. Yet
maybe I don't because I learn by doing it over
and over again. I could listen to any who try to
advise me. As experience shows that ultimately
those near and dear tend to be right. However
rather than allowing others to illuminate a path
to righteousness, I savor stumbling about in the
dark until I finally see the light. Thus foolhardy
folly aside, my plan to to keep on doing what
I know works. Or at least seems to work for me.
Thus my failures ultimately fuel my success.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Today is Memorial Day.

A time to remember those who have left us.

One of Frank's family traditions is to place
fresh Lilacs on the graves of those we've loved and lost.
However this year, the lilacs are far behind.
Hence none are in bloom.

Even sans lilacs,
we pay homage today to our dearly departed.
They will always live on in our hearts.

Therefore while gone
they are most definitely