Saturday, March 6, 2021


Me time
For many reasons the two days which define
the "weekend" are different than all others.
For those who work it's a period of conflicting
factors. Relaxation and recuperation being of
importance for some. Whereas catching up on
everything one was unable to do being a top
priority. Hence for forty eight hours many of
us work, play, and chill with a frenzy. Which
is if nothing else "me time." Given that the
tasks at hand are for them alone and no others
However much like anything that is forced
upon oneself it's questionable whether any of
us end up the better for it. 
Rest stop
What one can't escape is the different "vibe"
that accompanies each weekend. In essence
a carte blanche which allows one to indulge
in whatever they desire. Be that a nap, home
renovation project, dinner party, or haircut. 
And oddly that spirit continues for even those
who have exited the workplace. Whether of
a divine nature or not, most tend to consider
Sunday a license to rest. Hence my priories
on the seventh day are to watch State of the
Nation, 60 Minutes and Masterpiece Theater.
And like Scarlett O'Hara delay facing reality
until tomorrow. Fiddle dee dee!
Finish line
As with all things in life we go through stages.
Long ago my weekends were consumed with
ferrying kids between various sports events. 
In between poaching a salmon and setting the
table for a gathering of friends. Nowadays my
weekends are all about finishing all tasks that
I was unable to complete the week prior. As
is what is happening in Washington D.C. as
I write. Our elected Senators working together
to finalize further Pandemic relief. In the hope
that by Monday it can be sent to Congress and
they can insure we all start the week off right!
So... let the weekend begin and... end!