Tuesday, June 18, 2019


What the devil?
Like most tots I was once afraid of things that
go bump in the night. Or evil specters lurking
in the shadows or beneath the bed. Ready to
pounce at any moment. Or whisper sinister lies
in my ears as I slept. Once I grew up, I realized
that the scariest things in life are often quite
real. Not elusive spirits, imps, or demons. But
evil people who feed off the fear they instill in
others. Political vampires who gain from our
loss. Malevolent monsters who care about little
but themselves. Or as they're better known,
Donald J. Trump, the President of our United
States of America. A rat if ever there was one.
The root of all evil
However he is the least of our problems. All
of those who support his crimes are the root
of his evil. Stealth trolls who hover behind
Trump's lies, deceptions, and diversions.
Bringing his dreams and our nightmares to
fruition. Hence the ones actually to blame
are our flawed Presidential cabinet, Mitch
McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and a bevy
of Washington blood suckers. Their blind
allegiance enabling a flawed man to violate
the very sanctity of our democracy. Blindly
fueled by greed, self aggrandizement, and
a thirst for power at any cost. All monsters.
Monster mash 
No wonder we feel powerless. Like village
"peasants" in those old horror movies we're
prey to negative influences. Sadly, when we
rise in our defense against those threatening
us they still rise from the ashes. Stronger,
angrier, and more sinister. The question is
why are we the people willing to be tortured
by those who we have empowered. Without
us they wouldn't exist. Sans our support they
are nothing. Are we victims or masochistic
fools? Innocent bystanders? Willing victims
in our collective demise? So can anybody
explain why we're allowing this to happen?
Dead end
As with any monster or assorted vermin, the
only way to end their negative influence is
extermination. Nobody can tame a cockroach.
Rats will only wreak havoc. Bed bugs always
bite. Therefore we must stop Mr. Trump and
his gaggle of pests dead in their tracks. Thus
the upcoming election in November of 2020
is they key to ending the infestation. Hence
we must set the traps. Lay out the poison. Do
whatever it takes to rid ourselves of all that
plagues our democracy. The only way to rid
ourselves of monsters is to eradicate them.
Before they get the best of us.

Monday, June 17, 2019


Take your time
Sometimes you simply have to let your
hair down. Often relaxing requires a
tad of additional help that facilitates
stress reduction. Over the years I've
found that moderate self medication
is the best way to escape life's worries.
If only for a few minutes. Exactly what
is said panacea? COCKTAIL HOUR!
This civil respite normally starts post
five p.m. And oddly sitting in a calm
environment with a chilled concoction
makes one's world into a better place.
When is the last time you tied one on?

Sit a spell
When I first opened my advertising
agency our offices were my partner's
second bedroom. Hence there wasn't
any room to hold client meetings. So
the bar at the Four Seasons became
our home away from home. Quickly
we built a rapport with the staff and
a quiet corner became ours along with
a diminutive sign stating "reserved."
From then on we entertained clients in
said enclave on a regular basis. And
business got better and better. Until
soon our corporate cup runneth over!

Get toasted
While alcohol and nibbles most certainly
facilitated said uptick in revenue, it was
the resulting camaraderie that created a
client/agency bond that far surpassed our
expectations. Proof that mixing the right
people with the right liquids results in a
positive chemical reaction. However in
my opinion it's more than libations that
make early evening gatherings successful.
Rather the pause that refreshes is all about
taking the time to stop, think, and enjoy
each other's company After a long day at
the office, who wouldn't drink to that?!

Dish the scoop
My parents were teetotalers. However
they too had their own approach to self
satisfaction. Post dinner many evenings
my mother would mix up her famous
"ice cream sodas" for their enjoyment.
Said frothy concoction consisted of a
few scoops of Terwilliger and Wakefield
vanilla ice cream, a splash of Hershey's
chocolate syrup, and a generous pour of
Cliquot Club cream soda. All perched
in a requisite inverted bell shaped glass
perched within a metal framework. Talk
about intoxicating... how sweet it is!

Pour it on
However your evening flows, relaxing
over some sort of beverage is guaranteed
to soothe even the most savage of beasts.
And while usually my policy is to avoid
religion and politics whenever alcohol is
involved, invariably an hour of power
facilitates broaching even the most tough
of subjects. Hence for much of my life
I've considered cocktail time as a way to
grease the skids of difficult situations.
Meaning that detente is all the easier
after one has sipped a few martinis and
nibbled somebody else's warmed nuts.

Party maneuvers
Franklin Delano Roosevelt mixed a big
pitcher of martinis each evening as he
served in the White House. As a result
he was able to build strong relationships
with many world leaders. All within the
relatively privacy of an hour "chez moi."
One has to wonder what might happen
if they started serving beverages in the
hallowed halls of our Capital. With a
little extra help from Mr. Jim Beam and
Mr. Johnnie Walker maybe our leaders
could finally agree on something. Even
it it was only... "I'll have another!"

Sunday, June 16, 2019



He knows what he's talking about.
So listen, watch, and learn.
And be thankful he's your father.

Happy Father's Day!