Tuesday, March 16, 2021


Our last shot? 
One year later we've all adjusted to the threat
of Covid 19. Most of us playing by the rules.
Staying close to home, donning masks, hands
washed, and keeping our distance. Some have
spent this time in denial. Considering any/all
precautionary measures as a violation of their
civil rights. Sadly taking care of oneself and
others became a political issue. Now to the
point where polls indicate large amounts of
Republicans plan to reject the Covid vaccine.
Driven by conspiracy theories claiming said
serums include "dead babies" or a gay germ
that makes you a homo. Or worse - a liberal.
Just the facts ma'am...
Seriously? Can you believe it? How can they
believe such foolishness?! One wonders what
sorry excuse they'll come up with next. Any
way to rebel against conventional wisdom.
I'm all for pioneer spirit but at some point we
must accept reality. Eons ago my Dad advised
it was crazy to attempt to argue with a crazy
person. Common sense but challenging in our
current conspiratorial climate. The other day
I read an in-depth article about three daughters
trying to counter their mom's far right rhetoric.
A plethora of facts later they realized it was all
for naught. She didn't care about truth.
Counter intelligence
Some opt out for the opposite of conventional
wisdom. Whether said rebellion is fueled by
ignorance, anger, or arrogance depends on the
individual. Our collective challenge is sticking
to the facts. And not being swayed by fictional
dark state tales. The more we churn greater we
endanger our future. Hence now is the time to
employ common sense. To patiently continue
to battle viral foes be they physical or virtual.
We're almost there. The battle almost won. So
why allow a bunch of crazies to compromise
everything we've done thus far? We're so close
yet so far... PATIENCE PLEASE!