Wednesday, March 10, 2021


Bum rap
Obviously there are some exceptions to every
rule. Thus you'll get no argument from me that
more than a few folks take advantage if given
a chance. However poverty and the oppression
that accompanies it exists across America. Our
problem being that opinionated fat cats like me
have no idea what it's like to lack everything.
No wonder many self-satisfied elected officials
in our halls of government worry that the latest
Covid 19 payout is going to encourage people
not to work. Proving that they have no sense
of reality. And rather than bolster our economy
oppose giving Americans a fighting chance.
Social disease
Some want us believe that Democrats are just
socialist demons. Hellbent on ruining America.
Yet those who doest protest too much have no
problem taking government aid to protect their
ranches. Or getting a subsidized mortgage on
their home. Those same folks cash their Social
Security checks and freely enjoy the benefits
of Medicare. Sadly many who accuse the poor
of ill gotten gain take everything they can get.
Including leveraging all tax loopholes. Isn't it
time that we the people did the right thing for
a change?! Treating others as ourselves? Or
shall we continue to ignore economic reality?
The American dream
My parents both survived the challenges of the
Great Depression. And yes - did without when
given no choice. The major benefit of said loss
being that it gave them compassion for others
who were struggling. Rather than punish poor
folks they did whatever possible to help. All
for the common good. My father believed that
doing so was a wise investment. And I share
his hope that the majority of Americans want
to achieve the American dream. No matter the
odds. So rather than point fingers at those less
fortunate why not reach out a helping hand?
We're all in this together aren't we?