Friday, January 31, 2020


Distant relations
For most of us someone we love lives
far away. While separated families may
seem like a modern phenomena - it's
always been that way. In theory way
back when somebody walked across
ice from one continent to another.
When the ice age finally ended that
meant someone was left on the other
side. Immigrants came to this country
for a better life life. Yet someone had
to stay at home with granny. Absence
has always made hearts grow fonder.
So exactly what are we missing?

Return to sender
In the old days, letters were one of the
few ties that bound us. While it might
take months to get reach the one you
loved, the written word made a lasting
impression. Hence many historians now
utilize correspondence for insights into
times long gone. Today we're all still
writing but via instantaneous e-mail
or texting. With such immediacy one
can easily get into trouble. Therefore
before you press the "send" button -
stop, think, and make certain that you
meant exactly what you... "said."

Party line
Until Mr. Bell summoned Mr. Watson via
the wire, hearing voices was limited only
to clairvoyants. The telephone facilitated
free flowing communication. Suddenly
one could chat with whomever, whenever.
Given the cost of calling long distance,
one thought long before they spoke. Sadly
today we blather endlessly via cellphones.
Whether what's said over the air is of any
value is questionable at best. Could it be
that all of our idle chatter is too much ado
about nothing? The next time you start to
pick up that phone, think before you dial.

Picture show
Every seminal event of my generation's
lives were carefully chronicled via home
movies and snapshots. Yet in order to
accomplish that our parents dragged
around a lot of baggage, sent the film
to be developed, and ordered prints.
Given our phones are with us 24/7 any
moment of any day can be captured in
a nanosecond and sent soon thereafter.
Today my kids frequently transmit
photos or videos of their kids on a
daily basis. So even if when I'm not
there, I'm still a part of their lives!!

Face off
If you wanted to meet face-to-face one
had to travel many miles to reconnect.
Today a trip to see the folks still requires
a lot of time and money. Thus it's usually
a rare event. And so while a picture may
be worth a thousand words, seeing and
hearing for oneself is priceless. Now
via I-Chat and Skype we can show and
tell with whomever, whenever, wherever.
While that's not exactly the same as being
there, it comes pretty damned close. Isn't
that what it's all about? Stay close to those
you hold dear even when they're not near!

Party line
We're all social animals which explains why
social media has become such an important
part of our lives. It's really rather amazing
how much I find out on Facebook. Via said
vaporous vehicle I visit with my friends and
family on a daily basis. There we chat about
all sorts of things - memories, politics, kids,
recipes, and so much more. Many have used
this route to reconnect with long lost loves
or have righted wrongs from long ago. And
while that sort of meeting of the minds can
be all consuming, how can getting to know
each other even better be a bad thing?

Mother knew best
Whatever communication stream one
opts to utilize, it's important to stay in
touch. You can easily drift apart from
those not so near yet still dear. Thus
we must leverage modern technology
to insure we don't miss out on a thing.
You see we're all in this together. And
so, even the occasional hookup helps
reminds us that we're not alone. Which
reminds me of an old adage from my
youth - courtesy of the now defunct
communications monopoly Ma Bell -
"Reach out and touch someone!"

Thursday, January 30, 2020


Wall Candy
Homes are a physical manifestation of the
tastes, interests, and foibles of those who
reside within. Hence it's the little things,
tiny nuances, that make a space ours alone.
Like the clothes you wear, accessories add
a touch of panache to a room And at times
shed light on what makes a home... a home.
Sconces are more than simple fixtures. In
essence they are wall sculptures. Dramatic
statements that enlighten any space...

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Much ado about something

Good for nothings
Some would have us believe that all of the fuss
in Washington is politics and nothing else. That
mercurial democrats are out to get an "innocent"
man. Or that at worst a leader who has done us
wrong. However not in a bad enough way to be
impeached. Long ago some sage suggested that
if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck -
there is a high probability that it is a duck. Thus
post the end of President Trump's defense team's
splitting of constitutional hairs his supporters
continue to defend everything but the truth. In
truth never admitting Trump did the deed itself.
And thus compromising democracy itself.
Sacrificial jams
Hence day by day it becomes more obvious that
the majority in the senate is anything but moral.
Ready to do whatever it takes to maintain their
competitive edge. Compromising their morals in
the process. All as most of America agrees that
those who were silenced by Presidential efforts
should be heard. Concurring that ever mounting
revelatory evidence should be integrated into the
"trial" process. Further proof that the cancer that
is consuming our democracy comes from the top.
Confirming that the blind are leading the blind.
And that evil begets evil. And most important,
that the "right" is wrong. Or at best conflicted.
The devils we know
History will show that the greatest of crimes
during this impeachment process have been
committed by those who allowed Mr. Trump
to continue unfettered. Including evangelicals
who look the other way in their quest to usurp
Roe versus Wade. Along with "conservatives"
who have compromised their beliefs for short
term gain. In the end all of these hypocrites
will be found out for who they truly are. All
while Mr. Trump returns to the private sector
a wealthier man indeed. Leaving behind a
gaggle of spent political castoffs devoid of
morality, conscience, decency, and dignity.
Return for favor
As our Senators submit questions I would ask
them to consider the following - Where did
they go wrong? Why allow the politics of self
preservation to usurp truth itself? When did
hypocrisy become a badge of honor? And last
but not least - do they really think they'll get
away with this? There is a high probability
Mr. Trump will be exonerated by his partners
in crime. However what happens after that?
Is it safe to assume Americans will go back
to voting as usual? Or has this trial by error
exposed them for who the really are. Hence
will justice soon be served at the ballot box?

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Status quo
At this point things here in central Montana
are back to normal. Most locals have retired
their holiday flotsam and jetsam for another
year. With chances of any houseguests next
to nil. Snowbirds have gone south. Leaving
those behind to hibernate, cocoon, and chill.
Which is why this time of year happens to be
my most favorite. Finally there is more than
ample opportunity to get one's act together.
Given the weather, it's best to stay close to
home. And do all of the things that up until
now have been impossible to accomplish. As
once the weather improves, we'll be too busy.
Deferred engagement
Could there be anything more decadent than
cleaning out that closet? The only exception
being able to organize the basement. Or file
away all of the paperwork from the year prior.
Some now have to time to read the book that's
been on the nightstand since July. Whatever
one's new year's resolutions may be, chances
are most folks in town are checking off their
wish list. Hence even in the darkest of times
it's possible to see the light. Given the weather,
we'll be forced to stick close to home. And so
the odds of accomplishing something are in
one's favor. So why not seize the moment?
Opportunity zone 
Random bouts of shoveling aside, it's important
to keep busy. So rather than sit and stew, why
not braise some short ribs? Instead of throwing
in the towel, reorganize the linen closet. Given
the winter of our discontent will be herr until at
least mid-May we might as well make the best
of things. Now is the time to fo whatever you've
been putting off and then some. Leverage your
assets and maximize this limited opportunity.
After all, life is what you make of it. Whether
that means binge watching on Netflix or tatting
a quilt is up to you. In fact, this winters should
be all about you. So why not try to enjoy it?!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Contrary to popular opinion

Captive audience
Wherever one goes there is inevitably some one
in the room. One who assumes they know better
than others. Leveraging bravado and brute force
in order to get their way. Confronted with such
shameless self interest most shy away from any
confrontation. Hoping against hope that this too
shall pass. Waiting for anybody but us to step in
and make things right. Such passive aggression
rarely yields positive results. Allowing instead
the biggest bully to usurp all other's rights. Thus
said self imposed victimization leads to only one
conclusion. We have nobody to blame for this
mess we're in but ourselves - "we the people".
House arrest
The pomp, circumstance, and puffery currently
in session within our capitol is but one example
of such foolishness. Such a diatribe makes it
almost impossible to discern right from wrong.
Rather whomever bends the truth the longest or
loudest seems to win. Confirming that in the end
the only losers are innocent bystanders. Those
who only want to believe in the validity of our
democracy. Even when it seems little more than
a sham. It would be all too easy to lose hope. To
assume that those we've empowered to lead us
are feckless lemmings at best. Consumed with
their self interests - not ours. Imagine that...
Truth and consequences
If I've learned anything it's that many of us are
only able to see the light in the darkest of times.
Therefore my hope is that some one, somehow,
some can pierce our current haze of deception.
To step forward and show us the way. History
shows us that often the humblest amongst us do
just that. Therefore I've no idea who she or he
will be. Yet an optimistic that one among us will
inspire the best in most of us. All that has been
achieved thus far in this impeachment process
is the proof that our leaders are all too human.
And that when faced with evil kist wait and see.
Shame on them. And on we their constituents.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

7th Day Surprise: Tricky Dick

For reasons beyond our control,
one's moniker
can take on multiple connotations.
Hence Richard Long
can quickly become
a porn star.
See Dick run...