Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Da city, upstate. or Joisey?
As a kid it was easy to tell from whence one
came. Every neighborhood in New York City
had it's own dialect, lingo, and timbre. Thus
the higher one climbed the social or corporate
ladder - the more the way one spoke became
a liability. That's because even the upper class
had it's own unique way of communicating
and discerning who, what, when, and where.
Hence many purposefully neutralized any
sounds of their roots in order to gain forward
momentum. Therefore even today - one still
must speak the language of whomever they
are wooing. In other words - talk the talk.
Fronting like he owns da joint
Embarrassing attempts aside, Mr. Trump was
never one of "dem." The product of military
and ivy league schools he was living proof
that not everybody can be a somebody. In
part probably due to his lingering Queens
accent. A neither nor he was never "one of
da guys" on either side. So he fought. When
unwelcome at posh clubs he opened his own.
Prohibited from buying in the best of coops
he built Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and
moved in. Treated with disdain by the upper
echelon he rejected them and built a huge
fan base on reality TV. Always the outsider.
Fawget aboutit

No wonder his performances at rallies are
insincere. Standing behind the podium he
speaks in false tongues. In that he sounds
more like one of the "goodfellas" than the
President of the USA. Purposefully trying
to sound like a Hollywood version of a
New Yorker by spewing a patois that is
anything but real. For anyone who knows
from whence he came - it's a total joke. 
The equivalent of a borscht belt comedian
mimicking the common man. His delivery
being not only false but beyond insincere.
Further proof that he's just a false prophet.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Wayward winds
As I've often said - those blessed to call central
Montana home live in a proverbial bubble. One
which until recently seemed totally immune to
the Coronavirus. All of that changed during the
last few weeks. Suddenly Covid 19 came home
with many locals falling ill. Yet Lewistown is a
vestige of the wild west. Therefore many locals
continue to rebel. Strutting about sans masks.
Assuming they're exempt from viral influences.
Along with those they come into contact with.
Caring little about the community at large. The
only red alert that matters to them is their need
to vote for Trump. No matter the consequences.
Blinded by the right
When did common courtesy, healthy hygiene, 
and disease prevention become liberal political
statements?! What will it take for those who
are blinded by the right to see the light? Last
night I saw a red state representative who was
also a doctor interviewed. His father-in-law
who believed that the Coronavirus was a hoax
had just died of said peril. Leaving his family
to mourn their loss and his misplaced trust in
impurely political rhetoric. While most have
to learn the hard way - isn't there a better way
to accept that the world is battling a pandemic?
While some beg to differ - numbers don't lie...
Honor and glory
Some assume an ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure. Common sense suggests we
all do our part. And hopefully save a few lives
along the way. Herd immunity benefits the
youngest and strongest. Not those who paved
the way for their empowerment. Don't we owe
those older and wiser some respect? Can't we
wear a mask in honor those who made us who
we are today? Or are we so self absorbed that
nobody matters but me, myself, and I. Hmm.
Talk about a political statement. Such myopia
is the ultimate expression of total Trumpian
arrogance, prejudice, and cruelty. How sick!

Monday, October 26, 2020


Desperate housewives
Donald Trump has recently been lamenting his
loss of suburban women's support. Wondering
why they'd consider any one but him. Ignoring
the fact that his loss of credibility has nothing
to do with his politics. Rather it's all about the
man himself who has been his own undoing.
Over four years many of his supporters have
finally seen him for what he is. Rude, raucous,
rabid, racist and a confirmed misogynist.Which
is why they worry  about his negative impact
on the soul of this nation. Hence reconsidering
their option. No wonder Tump is so desperate
for attention. Sans the suburbs he's a nobody.
Ready and not
My father  advised me that desperate people
do desperate things. Good advice given that
America is deep in the throes of the final
days before the election. As I write early
voting has already surpassed the total early
bird results of 2016. And given we've still
got nine days to go, chances are it's going
to be big news. So why are so many of us
making our marks before November third? 
It could be due to the fact that more than half
of Americans don't want to make the same
mistake again. Hence better sooner than later.
Anything to not give Trump four more years.

It is what it is
As the polls indicate that change is afoot - 
Mr. Trump and  flunkies are hotfooting to
any state where's theres a chance they may
win by a narrow margin. Thus their efforts
continue to focus on those who know and
love our President. Rather than try to woo
new fans into the fold, they're desperately
holding onto their own. The result being
an infectious  spew of denial, rumor, lies,
and innuendo. All of which makes sense
given when backed into a corner vicious
animals inevitably lash out. In a last ditch
effort to survive (or escape) at any cost.
Goodbye girls
When will it all end? In theory soon. But if
Mr. Trump is to be taken at his word - he's
not going to exit easily. Which again is the
manifestation of a man in self-denial. Even
with the odds against him, he's acting like a
chicken with it's head cut off. Going through
motions in a mindless frenzy unaware that
they're already dead. Obviously the odds
may still be in Mr. Trump's favor. Especially
if his foreign allies get their way. More than
motivation to get out and vote. And insure
that he doesn't get a second chance to finish
the job of destroying our American dream.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

7th Day Surprise: Devil May Care


Everyday the news gets hotter and hotter.
Reminding us the evil is as evil does.
Especially when it thinks nobody is looking.

Ultimately few if any can escape the truth.
And who knows what they'll find next?
With only nine days until Election Day -

The devil is in the details!