Friday, August 31, 2018

Let's hear it for the girls...

Female persuasion
As primary results pile up across the country
one thing is obvious. Which is that the ladies
are stepping up in a big way. Some attribute
this phenomena to anti-Trump retribution. But
in my opinion it's about time. Hence I've come
up with my own terminology for this step in
the right direction. The "WE TOO" movement.
After all, women are at worst fifty percent of
the whole. However here in America they are
the sum total of fifty point eight. And yet only
twenty percent of our representatives in the
Congress and Senate are women. So... we've
still got a long way to go baby and then some!
Unfair advantage
Equality is something that frankly doesn't exist
for most females in America. Like it or not she
is treated differently and often punitively. U.S.
Census and Department of Labor statistics show
that women earn twenty cents less on the dollar
than men. And while that may not seem like
much, one must question why any one should
be paid less for doing the SAME job. Yet what
I find most shocking is that said gap continues
as I don't see any difference between the sexes.
Depending on the challenge we all get the job
done. Hence why would should could anybody
accept less simply because of their sex?!
From whence we came
We all had a mother. Hence the only reason we
are here is because of the "weaker" sex. As the
father of two daughters, I never expected less
from them, nor treated them any different than
their brothers. So how can our governmental,
corporate, religious, and cultural institutions
continue to limit the opportunities of more than
half of our whole?! Growing up with "Women's
Lib" we survived bra burning, Phyllis Schiafly,
Roe versus Wade, and the failure of the ERA.
All as prejudicial treatment of females festered
like some black mold that subtly seeps within
it's sphere of influence. It's time to stop it now!
Repeat offenders
Sadly, much like white supremacists, many men
resent the ascent of those whom they have kept
down. Rather than light crosses on lawns, they
continue to subtly erode the dignity and equity
of women. A crime against humanity which must
end. Therefore I consider this mid-term election
cycle one of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. And if
all goes well - the best man or woman will win.
Having worked for and with incredible women
throughout my professional life, I know females
have the competitive edge if given the chance.
The issue is why must women wait for someone
to offer or grant them equality? What a crime!
Against all odds
I have a word of advice for those who persist in
questioning whether men are better than women.
GET OVER IT. Wake up and face reality. Even
the most archaic of males must acknowledge
that women got us where we are today. Against
all odds they protected, nurtured, and enabled
us to be the type of adults who simply can't
see any difference between a boy and a girl.
And most important - treat ALL with respect
regardless of gender. The gesture of which is
insuring that every American has a chance to
make America great. So for all who are up for
election in November I say -"YOU GO GIRL!"

Thursday, August 30, 2018


From the hearth
All too soon summer comes to an
end. Said farewell hearkens fall's
arrival which is accompanied by
a crisp snap in the air, crystal blue
skies, and the scent of a wood fire
far in the distance. When it comes
to interior design, little plays as
important a role than the mantle.
The hearth is a focal point from
which all else emanates...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Primrose path
It's time to think positively. Or at least I'm
going to do my damndest to rise above our
current political purgatory. Waiting for the
shoe to drop or karma to deliver is a fool's
folly. Neither happen when we'd like them
to. Yet inevitably both deliver. Hence rather
than sweat it out  I'm trying to be optimistic.
An attitude adjustment that's beneficial to all.
You see, when others go down we must go
up up and away. No wonder any place but
here seems to many quite alluring. Could a
summer vacation versus reaping vengeance
be better for all of us? Is it time to cut loose?
Road less traveled
Given summer is almost over many of you are
probably already on vacation. Here in central
Montana the weather couldn't be lovelier but
it was thirty eight this morning when I awoke.
Fortunately for all of us the skies have cleared
and the smoke has dissipated. All a more than
magical reminder of why some of us choose to
live in this most beautiful of places. It doesn't
get better. Or... could it?! In theory there is no
limit to the positive side of life. That is except
the restraints we place upon ourselves. Living
under a self imposed cloud only guarantees a
gloomy outlook. Are you ready to see the light?
Necessary evil
Most of my personal late summer malaise is
due to an aggravated allergic reaction. While
this time of year is lovely, I can't be outside.
Hence due to hay fever my necessary evil is
allergy medication. Resulting in a dramatic
shift in personality. While minuscule in scope
my daily dose packs a wallop and unleashes
my monster within. One who is testy, irritable,
and downright mean. No wonder Frank spends
most of his day out in the yard. As far from the
housebound and medically induced ogre who
disappears with the first frost ending of allergy
season. Honestly, it can't come soon enough!
Lighten up
Given the circumstances I push myself to look
on the bright side. Which means avoiding CNN,
FOX, and other assorted side shows. Instead
I'm trying to focus on all that is good. A tactic
which I heartily recommend you also consider.
Theres really no reason for not seeing things in
a better light. All that's required is a willingness
to limit one's visibility to the good versus bad
aspects of life. Even heavily medicated I can
still embrace all that life has to offer. And the
blessings that come with it. So why not try to
accentuate the positive and eliminate all that's
negative? Onward and upward my friends!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Off track betting
With age comes wisdom. Which in theory is
the residual benefit of going through a ton of
crap. However at times many of us wonder if
it's worth the effort. Dreaming that there must
be a better way than learning the hard way.
Yet for fools like me the only way to make
the right decision is to relive, rethink, and
re-evaluate prior mistakes. All because like
it or not I'm wrong more than right. Which
on the surface can at times seem an exercise
in futility. But in fact is an on-going journey
of growth, illumination, and fulfillment. So
why can't some of us see said light?

The young and restless
Sadly not everyone ends up in the same place
at the same time as the rest of us. Hence there
are odd men and women who are if nothing
else out of it. Some of us end up in said spot
because we're renegades. Unwilling to tow the
collective line... or admit to even the slightest
element of vulnerability. Then there are those
theoretical innocents who tout naivete as the
root of their issues. Finally there are some
who simply refuse to learn their lessons or
play by the rules. However what is the benefit
of rejecting the natural process of evolution?
Doesn't everyone want to be better?
Babes in arms
For those who reject the idea of perpetual
motion, exactly what is your problem? Do
you consider yourself so far above the rest
of us that you've nothing to gain through a
growth experience? If nothing else learning
one's lesson tends to make life all the easier.
In that post facing the error of our ways we
hopefully do what it takes to insure history
doesn't repeat itself. Just when did humbly
embracing one's journey become a dead
end? How did unfettered arrogance become
a paradigm for success? Isn't it time that we
embraced both our strengths and weaknesses?
Where theres smoke theres...
At this point I've no patience for tomfoolery.
Nor for those who refuse to face their own
reality let alone the world's at large. Puffery,
grandstanding, and any such effort to avoid
the issues only defer the inevitable. Which
is exactly why Washington D.C. is stymied
under the leadership of a President who is
compromised at best. Smoke and mirrors
may temporarily conceal a smoking gun -
ultimately the truth will smoke him out. So
rather fight against all odds what if Donald
Trump allowed nature to take it's course.
He just might become a better man for it...

Monday, August 27, 2018

All is NOT forgiven...

Guilty as charged
Recently I was chastised by someone near and
dear for being "too hard." Said challenge was
to do with my unwillingness to embrace some
who fervently supported the election of Donald
J. Trump as President of these United States of
America. However like it or not, I continue to
be unwilling to forgive and/or forget that they
are the reason for that rogue in our oval office.
Many would have us to believe that such anger
is the result of my being a sore loser. And yet
nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead
I stand by the fact that Mr. Trump is not worthy
of his role. And may actually have stolen it...
Beyond definition
Most important - my disdain for the man in
question and his supporters has little to do
with politics and ALL to do with character.
For the record, this "liberal" voted twice for
Ronald Reagan. As the child of Republicans
I initially followed in their footsteps. Next
I voted for Ross Perot. In part because of the
mess our political system was in. Thinking
(at the time) that a businessman, outsider,
and straight shooter might make a difference.
I never liked Bill Clinton but adored Al Gore.
And supported John Kerry. Thus throughout
my life I've voted for the man himself.
How great thou art
In the case of Barack Obama - I had the privilege
of meeting him when he was a fledgling Senator.
Immediately I knew he had the stuff of greatness.
Not only charismatic, he was humble, wise, and
trustworthy. Something I can also say having met
George H. W. Bush. Face to face I was dazzled
by the same attributes. Both are to me GREAT
Americans who simply differ on policy. Initially
I couldn't stand Hillary Clinton - truly resenting
her "interference" in political affairs as first lady.
However later on I learned more about who she
truly was. Coming to the conclusion that when
given the choice - Hillary was the only choice.
Gone but not forgotten
While some consider my stance to be "hard" -
in truth I'm rather a softie. Hence I cried when
Ronald Reagan talked of that "city on a hill."
And again shed tears when his successor
spoke of a "thousand points of light." Party
alliances aside, agendas ignored, America's
greatest frequently broke through my political
barriers by offering us a vision of something
greater. And then of course I literally sobbed
as I watched Barbara Bush's funeral. Probably
because I realized we were nearing an era of
greatness. As again proven by the news late
Saturday night of John McCain's departure.
Impales by comparison
To be clear, there is no excuse for calling an
American hero, veteran, and servant of the
people a "loser." Especially by one who got
where they are via questionable ways and
means. Or worse, dodged the draft while
Mr. McCain lay beaten and wounded in a
Vietnamese prisoner of war camp for five
and a half years. Who gives anybody the
right to slur one who gave their all and yet
spent the balance of their life serving others?
The answer is you and your kind. The ones
who support a man who has no right to stand
beside let alone lick John McCain's shoes.
Dreams of greatness
Therefore if any are still wondering why I'm
unable to absolve those responsible for Mr.
Trump as president, let me make it clear. I
have always believed that the President by
his (or hopefully someday her's) very nature
are better than the rest of us. By no means
super human but individuals with the heart,
character, and maturity to take us to a better
place - against all odds. One who can rise
above any situation and inspire us all. And
thus I equally believe and fervently know
that Donald J. Trump pales by comparison
and sadly is nothing but a SCOUNDREL.
Pride and prejudice
As I've said many times before, our choice
in 2016 was not one candidate or another.
Nor blue or red, conservative or liberal,
Democrat or Republican. Rather it was a
choice between good versus evil. Hillary
Clinton wasn't perfect. However she had
a history of doing her best for others over
a lifetime of service to this country. While
Mr. Trump had a proven record of greed,
self aggrandizement, deception, and quite
questionable motives. Given the choice,
there was no choice. And yet some chose
a greedy power hungry racist egomaniac.
Upon reflection
For those tired of investigations, finger pointing,
and dirty politics, look in a mirror. Staring back
at you is the root of all evil. You had the choice.
And purposefully opted to go to the dark side.
Your choice will go down in the history books
as one of the worst political errors in judgement.
Fortunately for us - leaders like John McCain
spanned party lines to stand up against Trump's
megalomaniacal tyranny. Now that he's gone,
who will defend America? My hope is that you
will see the light and do just that. Yet somehow
I doubt it. And you wonder why I'm still bitter?
If that makes me "hard" or "tough"... so be it.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

7th Day Surprise: The end is near

Where did it go?

It's the end of August and school has already started for many.
So why are you sitting there?
Get out of the house and have some