Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Stormy whether
Power corrupts. Throughout time those at the
top assume they're exceptions to any/all rules.
Hence when the mighty fall there are usually
ample excuses why. Boys will be boys in that
the male species sexually takes advantage of
any situation when given the chance. Eagerly
grabbing any chance to hopefully rise to an
occasion. Therefore why are we surprised
when our leaders fail us by being too human?
When literally caught with their pants down
some deny. Others confess. And some come
back fighting. Inflicting further pain on their
victims. About whom they couldn't care less.
Equal opportunity
We should've known that Andrew Cuomo and
Donald Trump shared more than animus. In
that both have the swagger that good looking
power brokers display on a daily basis. Along
with an obvious inability to resist temptation.
Especially given they've come to believe that
they're different, special, unique. And hence
entitled to whatever (whomever) they want.
Yet when confronted with the errors of their
ways few perpetrators learn their lesson. The
end result being a vicious cycle that given the
chance only happens behind closed doors. 
That is until somebody finally speaks out.
Repeat offenders
Some suggest people in glass houses should
resist tossing concrete bon mots. Hypocrisy
being the inevitable byproduct of such crimes
against humanity. Post any signs of weakness
others seize the moment to their advantage.
Piously judging those unlucky enough to get
caught doing just what they do themselves. 
Creating an even more vicious cycle. Which
is why many victims of bad behavior keep
their mouths shut. Their silence insuring that
of given a chance - those in power will still
continue to take an unfair advantage. Until
they are outed, convicted, and shamed.