Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Emergency calls
A recent study indicates that Americans can't
get enough bad news. Reviewing coverage
of the Covid crisis they found that most folks
avidly posted and passed along the worst of
it. Which negatively emphasized all problems.
Whereas any tidbits that focused on positive
elements were virtually ignored or got poor
ratings. Ample proof that misery truly loves
company. And that our natural inclination is
to consider the glass half empty versus half
full. An approach to life that seems dismal
at best. Are we our own worst enemies? Or
do we actually thrive on being miserable?
Hot lines
Somebody coined the phrase - "garbage in - 
garbage out". Given our preference for bad
news some of us feed on controversy it's all
too true. Assuming the worst in all of us we
love warped conspiracy theories, warped
justification of negative forces, along with
outright lies. Recently I clicked on a friend's
facebook post about being "cut off" - unable
too post extremist statements on said venue.
Irate that "free speech" was being violated.
Preferring to drag us all down with them as
they slur our democracy. Hoping that we'll
join them on a journey from bad to worse.
Enough already
Obviously we've got lots of problems. Even
if it's highly doubtful that Democrats sacrifice
tots and drink their blood, the odds are one
may be shot dead while picking up a gallon
of milk. Given reject common sense health
measures - chances are those not vaccinated
could still catch Covid 19. Life is never easy.
Nor does everyone have the of best intentions.
Hence the only thing we can control is how
we react to life's challenges. Obviously there
are many benefits to positive intent. Research
indicates happy people are healthier. So why
not look on the bright side?