Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Strangers in paradise
Re-entering the urban scene has been a mixed
blessing. I must admit that I'm enjoying being
back amongst my people. By our very nature
city folks are a rather colorful lot. Everything
one does within the context of Manhattan is in
essence a group effort. Hence some find that a
buffer is necessary between "us" and "them".
Therefore when forced to live en masse, each
of us tries to set ourselves apart from the rest.
Thus one bumps into an awful lot of what in
the old days my father considered "characters."
Proving that here in the big apple, eccentricity
is alive and well. And kicking and screaming!
A cut above
Today I went to my barber. An old fashioned
chop shop, "Little Tony & Igor Be Good" is
a classic. An unpretentious remnant of times
past. Upon entering the joint I immediately
noticed a rather "fussy" customer seated in
the chair before me. Said over pumped and
plucked young man was constantly asking
for additional nips and tucks. Finally when
his coif was up to his standards, he gazed
in the mirror and said "fabulous." However
when advised his cut cost $35 he suddenly
seemed to change his mind. And before the
rest of us launched into a BIG conniption fit.
Split hairs
Long story short, he ultimately talked his way
out of paying for his haircut. Mostly because
everyone in the joint was sick of listening to
him. Finally the owner told him to leave. And
post his departure we all agreed that he never
intended to pay. Instead we had all witnessed
the ultimate in command performances  - a
classic scam short and sweet. Soon everyone,
the owner, staff, and patrons had a good laugh.
Our subsequent over tipping more than made
up the difference. And ultimately karma will
most certainly take care of such a vain young
criminal. Hair today... GONE tomorrow!
Cold comfort
The victim of a rather bothersome cold, I've
been staying close to home. However by
last night I needed some comfort food. A
few blocks over is Patsy's - a classic Italian
place that's been around forever. Filled with
tourists and suburbanites it's not one of my
usual haunts. However all I wanted was
a martini and some veal so I walked over.
Soon I was ensconced at the primo table in
the downstairs room as men in white coats
fawned over me. Nearby seated in a corner
booth was an overtly amorous couple who
couldn't keep their hands off each other.
All together now
Hand to hand combat aside, what was most
surprising was that they were in their early
sixties. Thus their love fest not only warmed
my heart but reminded me that theres still
plenty of life left in us old folks. Soon my
waiter was winking and shortly thereafter
he said "they make me happy and trust me,
I ain't been happy for a long time." Quickly
my faith in mankind was restored as he railed
against our new President and his co-horts.
In the end his political diatribe, my kissing
cousins, and petty crime reinforced that I'm
back where I belong. I LOVE NEW YORK!

Monday, January 30, 2017


Border patrol
Suddenly it seems that we're living in turmoil.
A week ago millions marched to protest our
new administration's proposed stances. In the
ensuing seven days, President Trump signed
a plethora of executive orders that in essence
reinforced the reality of those fears. Sadly by
Saturday evening crowds had gathered at our
national airports to protest Muslim refugees
and immigrants being refused admittance into
these United States. Early Sunday morning
a mosque was burned to the ground in Texas.
Thus within one week the schism that drove
our election results had finally broken loose.

History repeats itself
For children of the sixties like me, one can't help
but experience a sense of deja vu. However as an
informed adult, I can't imagine what our parents
felt. Having lived through the depression they'd
survived the toughest of times. That uncertainty
continued through the following years that led to
America's entry into World War Two. After that
battle was won, communism fueled the fear and
angst of the cold war. Then came Viet Nam. Thus
one can only wonder how our parent's generation
reacted to the rebellion and protests of the sixties.
Ultimately our open forum of democracy insured
we survived. And once again, here we go...

Back at you
It seems that we human beings must periodically
course correct. The resulting conflict ultimately
enables everyone to put things in context. And to
somehow find equilibrium amidst a diverse realm
of often conflicting priorities. During my lifetime
most of that turmoil has been for our collective
good. However in hindsight any change happened
because a vocal minority bravely challenged the
silent majority. Causing our leadership to finally
step up and do something about it. While neither
side likes to be confronted with their faults, all of
this derision ultimately brings us together. Further
confirmation that together we are stronger.

Back to the future
History shows that there have and always will be
cowards, bigots, megalomaniacs, saints, sinners,
victims, and heroes. Ordinary people have often
done terrible things with horrific consequences.
Only to later claim innocence and then ask for our
forgiveness. Yet somehow time and time again we
have overcome our differences. To the point where
at least half of American is a vibrant, diverse, and
multicolored spectrum. Whereas others angrily
fester in isolation. Fear, ignorance, and hatred are
our enemy. And somehow we've got to overcome
what must be deemed unfortunate circumstances.
Slowly our world is changing for the better.

Equal opportunity
At this point I'm cautiously optimistic. The
fact that a Federal Judge in Brooklyn was
able to defer a Presidential mandate is proof
that our American system still works. We
the people summarily reject the delusional
bravado of our Presidential bully. And as
we tentatively teeter on the edge of chaos
we are re-affirming the true meaning of a
democracy. While half of us may believe
lies and innuendo, the rest of us see the
light. Ultimately the truth will set us free
as we fight for ourselves, our children,
and future generations. God bless us all!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

7th Day Surprise: WEAK ONE

Ready or not...
Starting anything new is challenging
Hence this past week has been filled with trial and error.
The good news
is it could have been worse.
The bad news 
is who knows what may happen next?