Sunday, February 28, 2021

7th Day Surprise: Innie? Outie?


In theory our entry into March
yields positive or negative end results.

Ready or not... here it comes!

Saturday, February 27, 2021


Remote control

Oh the things you'll see. On Youtube that is.
Lately I'm addicted to an odd assortment of
videos. Given I'm over politics I had to find
something to absorb my time. Mostly I have
been viewing old BBC documentaries that
cause Frank's eyes to glaze over. However
for many reasons I love learning. And thus
can't resist a roaring recap of Chippendale's
for over two centuries in the Hermitage. A
bit boring to most but completely engaging
for an artistic type such as myself. 
Viewer discretion advised

Search and find a video about the good, bad,
and ugly. Along with all things fascinating,
charming, and illuminating. There are more
"how to" videos than any honey do list can
ever encompass. But one must be careful
who they "follow". As some may lead lead
them in the wrong direction. Like Kacha
the Russian chalk paint queen who destroys
vintage furniture. Slavering fine wood with
vile pastels, floral decals, sparkles, faux gold
leaf, and who knows what else. Be warned.
Viewing said desecration is like driving past
an auto wreck. You just have to look...
Who, what, where, and when

I'm not the only one. Frank is addicted to travel
vloggers. Who take him to places he's not been.
And may never get to see for himself. One of
our favorites are a gay couple who frequently
post via "The Way We Saw It". They hit the
hot (as in vacation) spots. Yet tread lightly as
some video tour guides can grow a tad tedious.
Especially when their homemade videos try to
earn their keep. Fortunately there are plenty
of other places to travel via Youtube. Hence
when you've had enough you simply change
channels. And search to your heart's delight!
So why not go ahead and tune in to tune out!

Friday, February 26, 2021


Back to basics
It appears that our viral crisis may finally be
on a downward trend. Mostly driven by the
availability of vaccines. While not as of yet
there is hope is on the horizon. Promising
a return to "normal" life. Whatever that was.
Yet I can't help but consider some aspects of
our self-isolation as being positive. Both of
my daughters have been stuck at home with
their offspring for over a year. Parenting both
toddlers or a teenager on a 365/24/7 basis has
been challenging. However I'm proud of all
involved. Because through it all they've risen
to the challenge. And are the better for it.
School chums
Home schooling - let alone virtual learning is
not easy. Just ask my teenage grand daughter
in Michigan. From the start few actually knew
what they were doing. Hence technological,
social, and other issues plagued the process.
At times her Mom "E" had to fight the fight.
Diving in to help solve the problems. As in
algebra. Both learning along the way. About
each other that is. And growing closer day by
day. So while being out of the social world at
school has been hard - staying close to home
with Mom has a gift from God. Forcing them
to work together to conquer their challenges.
Breakfast of champions
My grandsons in Chicago don't know what
they're missing. This year would have been
"H's" first in school. Instead his parents kept
him home. Transforming their dining room
into "school". Said re-focus benefitting both
their five and three year old boys. And in the
process bringing out the hidden educator in
my creative daughter. A growth experience
for the entire family. Everyday she integrates
whatever they are studying into all aspects
of life. Right how it is gardening. Hence even
breakfast blossoms! Creating memories that
both boys will never forget. 
Home sweet home
Back here in Montana it's been much the same.
While both Frank and I have much to learn our
school days are long gone. Even so being stuck
at home for a year has taught us much. Mostly
that we're more than self-sufficient. Perfectly
happy living as hermits. Growing closer as each
day passes. To the point that when we're apart -
even for an hour or so - we miss each other.
The fact is that during this Covid 19 crisis our
lives have improved for the better. Teaching us
that the people we live with on a daily basis are
all that truly matters. And that even in the worst
to times - together we truly are STRONGER! 

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Now and then
The other day a friend and I were chatting
about her job. Totally frustrated by a variety
of factors beyond her control. Along with how
different the modern workplace is versus the
days of our youth. Back then everyone seemed
to have a work ethic. Or at least in hindsight.
However upon closer reflection former peers
were anything but peerless. Like Peggy that
gal who "humphed" through her day. Doing
anything to avoid work.  Hence even then the
good and bad worked amongst us. Therefore
even if we've forgotten - our past inevitably
proves to have been imperfect. 
Back at you
The difference between then and now is that
now we're old enough to know better. With
wisdom ranging far beyond industry savvy.
All of we mature folks have graduated with
advanced degrees from the school of hard
knocks. We possess ample experience in the
art of dealing with the inept, deceitful, just
crazy. Hence as we age our only challenge
is that perception is reality. In that the older
we get the more they assume we're out of it.
When in reality we're a perfect blend of then,
now, and next. Ready and able to leverage
history in order to achieve future success. 

Over and out
Youngsters foolishly lack patience. Wanting
immediate gratification rather than waiting
for the right time and place. Whereas old
folks have no patience for fools. Having
been there done that we've no time to waste.
As in playing the game. Instead we'd rather
focus on the job at hand. Which sadly is the
last thing wayward co-workers want to do.
In the end most of we oldsters come to the
same conclusion we reached with our kids
long ago. If they won't listen to reason - it's
best to walk away. And maybe it's time you
did just that. Let them learn the hard way.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Again, and again, and again

Tis a puzzlement
Try as I might - there are many things in my
head. Issues, challenges, and regrets I can't
resolve. Hence everyday I work through the
same things in different ways. Trying to put
the pieces together. Obviously said struggle
is an evolutionary process. Therefore while
I wish I could make it all go away - it never
ends. Providing further fodder to my theory
that some things are just meant to be. Yet
that doesn't end my quest for answers. Nor
writing blogs about the same things day after
day - month after month - year after year. So
do you think that I'll ever reach a conclusion?

Love and war
Most of us are repeat offenders. Thankfully
my dear readers are patient enough to read
my same thoughts again and again. Hence
life goes on. And in hindsight this blogger
gets older and wiser in the process. Which
leads me to my next conclusion. There are
certain mysteries in life that are meant to
never be understood. Some good others bad.
Not a day goes by that I don't marvel at the
love Frank and I share. For whatever reason
we're connected in a deep and natural way.
Honestly, theres no explaining why such a
love. Yet there it is. So why question it?
Getting there is half the fun
Few of us struggle with positive influences.
Instead we embrace them for what they are.
Yet few of us feel the same way about life's
challenges. Most blaming themselves for
things far beyond our control. The truth is
that some folks won't like us no matter how
we try. Try as we might - most of us tend to
make the same mistakes. Mostly due to a
natural Pavlovian tendency we can't control.
Thus why fight the inevitable? Maybe we
should celebrate our weaknesses. And be
done with them. Then again theres a chance
that someday we'll figure things out. Hmm...