Thursday, April 18, 2019


A total set up
Friday evening is Passover Seder. 
Then comes Easter Sunday dinner.
Creating the perfect setting for all
of one's peeps needn't be a hassle. 
C+V HOME loves nothing more
than helping set you up. So rather
than crack under pressure, let's hop
to it and get to work... 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Fate walks in
Life fascinates me. While some of us
have already found our better halves,
others are still searching. What's most
intriguing is how capricious coupling
is. One day you're alone, the next half
of a pair! There's almost no rhyme nor
reason as to how we meet the ones we
love. Rather a flux, happenstance, or
godly guidance moves us to be in the
right place at the right time. Whether
kismet, luck, or fate, you can't make
stuff like that happen. It simply has to
occur naturally. And when it does...
Can I buy you a drink?
Who goes to a gay bar at 4:00 in the
afternoon on Memorial Day? Well,
fortunately both Frank and I did and
shortly thereafter met. Obviously it
wasn't planned nor frankly was I in
any way looking my best and yet all
of a sudden, magic occurred. Almost
nineteen years later, we're even more
happy than on that momentous day.
Oddly the chemistry is just as strong
and what is more amazing than that?!
All of this is proof that if and when
you meet "the one," it's for a lifetime!
Positive diagnosis
"D" was miserable. Traveling between
New York, India, and China, she was
constantly plagued with throat ailments.
Sick once again, she visited her doctor
late Friday afternoon. He called and got
an appointment first thing Monday with
the premier throat specialist. The entire
weekend "D"cried, certain that it was
serious. Monday morning she left her
appointment with a clean bill of health
and... a date for dinner. Within a year
she was married the specialist. Proof
that anyone can catch the love bug!
College reunion
"H" suddenly got an e-mail. Years
before she and the love of her life
had parted ways. Now here was her
long lost college beau reaching out
via Facebook. As quick as she could
book at ticket, she was jetting off to
a rendezvous. Having both failed at
love with others, they realized their
love had never died. This time they
didn't waste time and married post
haste to live happily ever after. All
proof that our dreams do come true
even after we've lived a nightmare!
Profile of courage
"A" had tried every trick in the book.
She hit the bars, speed dated, attended
mass, only had lunch, and went blind
often. Finally she gave up and logged
on-line. Initially it was a rather creepy.
Men acted like men and wanted one
thing. Slowly she learned to separate
the wheat from the chaff. And soon
thereafter "A" connected with what
felt like a real connection. When they
finally met... there actually was one.
Two kids and years later she's proof
that love may be waiting on-line.
Blind sided
One must always remember that
it's a small world. I often recite
"Never do anything you don't
want your Mother to know about."
Many of the factors that stimulate
a love connection can also inspire
infidelity. "Looking for love in all
the wrong places" rings true for
those single or coupled. So many
cheaters are suddenly caught in
flagrant delicto. Proof that no one
can control matters of the heart.
Love happens when it wants to!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Le coeur de la France
As dusk fell yesterday in Paris - Notre Dame
burned. Not only an iconic house of worship
dating to the eleventh century, it is a symbol
of all things French. An icon of Paris which
through the centuries has survived invasion,
revolution, war, and Adolf Hitler. As Frank
and I watched the horrific fire via television
we both shed a tear. In part because some of
our fondest times have been spent in the city
of lights. Hence we mourned along with the
rest of the world for the citizens of France.
Who yesterday lost a symbol which in the
end will hopefully rise again from its ashes.
Amour perdu
The first time I saw Paris I was both young
and gay. Equally as trite, it was a brief week
in April. The city was abloom in all it's glory.
Breathtaking in all ways. Equally impressive
was both the innate elegance of Parisians and
their overt disdain for all except their fellow
Frenchmen. And yet Frank and I always had
a wonderful time in said urban mega of chic.
Relishing its bourgeois panache, decadence,
and charm. Any visit which always included
a jaunt around Notre Dame. The touchstone
of Paris. It's foundational core. It's heritage.
It's very essence. The sacred heart of France.
Tempete de merde
Times such as these are sobering. Causing
most reflect on all we've loved and... lost.
Yet as Paris burned, President's Trump's
message grew all the more petty. Racist
slurs against a U.S. Congresswoman. His
refusal to share taxes as "Democrats are
too stupid to understand them." And again
attacking Mr. Mueller's investigation prior
to it's release this Thursday. Thus instead
of honoring what Paris has lost, he lost it.
Once again showing us that he is anything
but Presidential. Thus as we mourned the
Notre Dame, America lost its dignity.
Je ne sais quoi
Once Notre Dame's disastrous fire finally turns
cold, its rebirth will immediately start anew.
All of France understands the importance of
preserving their heritage for future generations.
Yet sadly, even an ally's saddest times we can't
remember that it's not always about us. Here in
the United States we worry what will happen
post Thursday's release of Mr. Mueller's report.
Will it fuel outrage? Or cause the incriminated
to confess their sins against democracy? Or
fan Mr. Trump and his supporter's flames of
outrage? Allowing them to play out their self-
aggrandizement while our democracy burns?

Monday, April 15, 2019


Dawn of a new day
Today the government get's its due rewards. Yet
in reality tax day is but another day. One just like
every other. Yet for many reasons every Monday
is anything but ordinary. The start of a new week.
The first day back at work. A kickoff to renewal.
Or a return to the mundane. While some think
different in name only, Mondays are unique and
unto themselves. Hence today is a time to start
anew.  To initiate a project you've dreamed about.
Or clean up a mess you've left behind. A chance
to get back to work post a weekend of relaxation
or revelry. And hopefully accomplish something.
The only question being what will you do today?
Ready to launch
Most of us charge out of the gate ready to win.
Afresh post one's morning toilette most of us
know what has to be done. Thus we hop on a
bus, jump onto the subway, or drive to office
with anticipation. However for some the day
is one we dread. All because we must return
to the scene of the crime. The place where we
know in our heart of hearts we don't belong.
Ready to be tortured for five days before we
finally get a reprieve late Friday. Hence not
all Mondays are about sunshine and lollipops.
Rather for some they are nothing but a harsh
reminder of all thats wrong with their world.
Either or...
Where is your head at on this fine Monday?
Are you happy, empowered, and energized?
Or depressed, trapped, and a bit demoralized?
Either way your choice is to succeed or fail.
Today is an opportunity to make a difference.
To seize the moment and start to change life
for the better. When stuck in a bad situation
you have two options. Suffer or escape. And
while I realize that the prospect of not getting
a paycheck may be terrifying - being stuck in
a losing proposition is an exercise in futility.
But maybe all that you need is an attitude
adjustment. A change that's for the BETTER.
Get up and go!
With the dawn of any day comes the opportunity
to make a difference. To reset you mind and put
your affairs in order. If anybody is to blame for
failure or success it's you. So why not use today
to do something about it?! To step back and see
all of your options. In the end doing nothing reaps
just that... nothing. It's amazing what a change of
heart can do. Simply deciding to take a different
path is the first step in redemption. Once you've
drawn that new line in life's sand, you can slowly
move in the right direction whatever it is. Could
it be that this is in fact the first Monday of the rest
of your life. Imagine that...  A FRESH START...

Sunday, April 14, 2019

7th Day Surprise: Amongst Fronds


Even with a spring in our step
most of us want to be anyplace but here.

Some dream of palm trees
as others will be waving their fronds.

Whatever you do...
enjoy this Palm Sunday!