Friday, September 25, 2020


Where to go?
There are times when you just have to exit
the premises. Embarking on a journey to
anyplace but here. In normal times that's
easy. However deep into our coronavirus
hell - we're stuck in suspended animation.
A situation where we can't get away even
if we wanted to. And so we sit and wait. In 
he hope that things will get better than they
are. Our only challenge being cabin fever.
Along with our inability to escape our new
reality. The fact is that even if we wanted
to go - most of the places won't have us.
Or are as dangerous. Hence we're stuck.
Out of tune?
However no one ever said you can't make
something good out of a bad situation. As
the election looms thirty nine days away,
we all need a break. Ample motivation to
change our ways. So why not tune out?
As in don't watch the news for a day or
two? Chances are during such this hiatus
things won't get better. In fact the odds are
in favor of everything getting worse. But
theres no need to torture oneself on a daily
basis. All the more reason to flip the switch,
read a book, take a walk, call a friend. or
bake a cake. Any way to feed one's soul...
While you were out
Given that circumstances are beyond our
control you might as well give up. Or as
our President has suggested embrace the
fact that "it is what it is." My suggestion
is that you indulge in a "staycation". No
need to pack - just change your routine.
Better yet, ignore those bothersome old
chores that drag you down. Do whatever
you have to do to invest in yourself. If
that means cleaning out a closet then so
be it. Isn't it time you took an afternoon
nap? Go out and enjoy these last days of
summer? Whatever you do, don't give up.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Are you happy with yourself yet?

To each their own
In life most of us search for just one thing -
HAPPINESS. Said pursuit has nothing to do
with reality. Nor is it clearly defined by one
collectively common goal. For good and bad
reasons each of our individual nirvanas are
as diverse as we are. Hence what makes you
smile just might irritate the hell out of me.
In addition - as we age our definition of the
sublime evolves. Meaning that in truth the
majority of us are rarely "happy." Thus many
spend the bulk of our existence searching for
the emotional equivalent of the holy grail. It
may be out there but nobody has found it yet.

Once in awhile
We humans are complex beings. Genetically
our natural orientation is to adapt to ANY
situation. Much of our lives are spent reacting
to external forces. Embracing and/or rejecting
factors that have little to nothing to do with us.
Yet we've no choice but to make the best of
the situation and learn to love what we're stuck
with. Often when confronted by challenging
times that's when illumination finally dawns
upon our limited spheres of influence. All of
a sudden fate capriciously flips our "happy"
switch and we're in a good place. One which
while it may be fleeting must be enjoyed.

Surprise party
My greatest moments of joy were driven by
random happenstance. Like looking out of a
window as my children played. Or the view
of Frank strolling ahead of me. At times it's
been a burst of spring blossoms or autumn's
bright hues. Or that perfect dinner party when
everything went right. In truth there isn't any
formula for success. Which means that we
all must be open to whatever comes our way.
And willing to stop and savor any moment
of sheer, unadulterated bliss. However few
can see said forest for the trees. Mostly due
to the messes that we ALL put ourselves in.

Heaven or hell?
I don't know about you but I personally don't
relish playing the role of a martyr. Trudging
through life may have been heaven for Mother
Theresa. Yet for me such self-sacrifice might
be hell. I can't help but question my jaded
perspective. In truth I'm certain that the lady
herself derived no greater pleasure than when
denying her own needs. Overt deprivation was
her ticket to heaven - both above and here on
earth. Once again reinforcing my theory that
nirvana is an uncommon denominator.  What
is most important is that each of us willingly
participate in our individual trips to bountiful.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

There goes the neighborhood

Signs of the times
Yesterday my neighbors posted a pair of
"Trump 2020" signs on their front lawn.
Which to me are the political equivalent
of a burning KKK cross. Offensive and
incredibly disturbing. Thus causing me to
wonder what's next. Is Lewistown about
to become Berlin in the early thirties? Or
Rwanda in 1994? Will neighbor turn on
neighbor? Could Frank and I be doomed
simply because we're the antithesis of the
conservative American ideal? Stranger
things have happened. Resulting in hate,
derision, and death. Or... worse.
Which side are you on? 
Maybe I'm being a big paranoid but I'm scared.
Worried about what will happen to our country
post the election. One side or the other will be
disappointed. What concerns me most is what
happens next. Will the losers lash out in anger?
Or humbly embrace defeat. Given this a nation
of extremes - chances are some will get hurt as
a result. And the very prospect of such turmoil,
pain, and hostility puts me over the edge. Yet
I have no control over anyone but myself. Is the
world as we know it about to implode? Will the
endless spin only end with violence, hate, and
disenfranchisement? Can we all move on?
Nobody's fault but their own
Recently theres been much conflict on the
montanaroue facebook page. Clashes over
ideology have shifted to personal attacks,
slurs, and outright nastiness. All of which
I want nothing to do with. From the very
start this blog has been my way to find an
answer. A place where I work things out
in the company of strangers. Unfortunately
the schism between "us" and "them" has
grown so deep that we can no longer have
a conversation. Let alone agree on how to
protect ourselves against Coronavirus. How
will it end? Are we our own worst enemies?

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Anyplace but here
If you're like me you've given up. Having lost
it due to overload. Exhausted with everything
that's going on in the world at large. Sick of
politics. Over Covid 19. Finished with masks.
Suffocating from the smoke. Suffering from
cabin fever. And not eager to go deeper down
the "honey do" list to last chores left undone.
And who can blame any of us? This past year
has been filled with so much turmoil that it's
no wonder we're done. Finished. Out of here.
Except... we can't go anywhere. So what does
one do? At our house we've decided to check
out by watching weird programs on Youtube.

Home away from home 
Given we can't travel - the next best thing
is living vicariously via others. Traveling
to places we've never been. Or dreaming
of escaping to somewhere quite decadent.
The other night we "visited" the JK Place
Hotel on Capri. An elegant oasis perched
high above the azure Mediteranean with
Mt Vesuvius in the distance. Then reality
hit and I realized I hadn't done the dishes.
Thus life goes on and on and on and on
and on. Leaving me to wonder what we
will do once fall finally arrives. Will we
hibernate until spring? Or just give up!
Switching channels 
Right now we dreaming of moving far away.
Which explains the hours and hours of expat
travel vlogs. All sing the praises of life sans
Trump. Each place more exotic, civilized, 
and charming than the next. Then of course
there are the Brits who buy twelve thousand
foot chateaus for nothing. Only to spend the
rest of their lives making them inhabitable.
Who knows what hidden treasures they'll
find in that attic? Or on reruns of Antiques
Roadshow UK and US editions? What's old
is new in the neverland of cast off television
shows. Anything to ignore our new reality.
Remote control
And maybe that's a good thing. Getting away
from it all isn't a cure for Covid. However it
is if nothing else a distraction that defers the
inevitable. Which is that this soon shall pass.
But what will "normal" look like when it all
stops? Will people wear anything other than
sweats and pajamas? Are the odds that we'll
regain whatever momentum enjoyed prior.
Or are we doomed to another six months to
a year of suspended animation. One where
Presidents come and go as does gay rights
and Roe versus Wade. Hmm... time to find
that video entitled "emigration made easy."

Monday, September 21, 2020


The biggest loser?
Fate seems to have dealt Mr. Trump the ultimate
trump card. That giving him the chance to shift
our focus from the Coronavirus threat, a tough
economy, and the candidate's own moral issues.
Giving him the mantle of the pro-life savior.
Shifting this election to be about choice alone. 
Forcing single issue voters to select a candidate
who is proven ineffective at best. All because
a proven adulterer, liar, cheat, and cad is willing
to do anything to gain another four years. Even
if that means violating the rights of millions of
American women who prefer to make their own
decisions as relates to their lives, their bodies.
Pros and cons
To be clear I am personally pro life. But what
exactly does that mean? Freedom to choose
what's right for me. Including my deepest 
and darkest moral dilemmas. Such an equal
opportunity insures that nobody can dictate
to any other how they must think, live, or
love. Hence in my America it's your business
as to who you vote for and why. And whether
you choose to hold your leaders accountable
or... opt to empower proven losers in order to
win at all costs. That's your choice and while
it may disgust me I've no choice except to
support you right to make a wrong decision.
It's all about you
For as many rightists there is an qual or
greater number on the left. The question
being whether generations of American
women will allow others to decide for
them. Handing over their right to choose
to those who couldn't disagree with more.
And that is what this election is all about.
We've no choice but to vote our conscience.
Knowing that what happens on November
third will impact more than the future of
our country. Limiting the options of ALL
women we know and love. Making your
choice for President incredibly important.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

7th Day Surprise: GO HUNT


A hunting we will go...

Some consider Central Montana a hunter's paradise.
Politics aside,
it can get pretty wild around here.
So tred lightly,
carry a big stick,
and watch for traps.