Tuesday, March 9, 2021


It's a family affair?
I've never been one of those people consumed
with following Britain's royal family. Yet I've
thoroughly enjoyed all seasons thus far of The
Crown. Along with other BBC extravaganzas
that share the trappings which accompany royal
status. I adored Helen Mirren's performance in
The Queen. Obviously given my age I watched
Charles wed Diana live eons ago. Only to later
be deeply saddened by her untimely demise.
However it wasn't fervent devotion that drove
me to watch Oprah interview Prince Harry and
Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. In that I was
curious as to just what all the fuss was about.
Much ado about?
Frankly I don't get it. Let's assume that the press
has been mean to Meghan. And agree that we're
certain racism has played a hand in all of what
has transpired. I'll go further and sympathize
with how hard it had to be for an American to
join the royal family. Whether one finds their
centuries old traditions archaic or inspiring isn't
the issue here. Yet naiveté or arrogance may be.
Who marries a prince sans understanding and
embracing all of the challenges associated with
such a union? Let alone escape the racism that
corrupts society at large. The fact is life isn't
ever easy. Especially when you marry royalty.
Fools in paradise?
One must acknowledge that these young folks
are probably a bit spoiled. One having literally
been born in a palace. The other leveraging
her talent, looks, and luck to achieve stardom.
While falling in love may have been easy for
them - I find it highly vexing that they didn't
realize the challenges that came with such an
alliance. All of which ultimately proved to be
too much for them. Hence their exit from "the
family.". However taking the easy way out
doesn't necessarily make those left behind bad.
We all make choices. Good and bad no matter
who we are. Maybe it's time to grow up?