Friday, April 30, 2021

What a difference 100 days makes

Something to celebrate
One hundred days into office President Biden
spoke to our elected represenatives. Laying out
his many accomplishments to date and plans
for the future. All of which projected an aura
of success, confidence, and depending on one's
political ilk - arrogance. Yet looking back on
the past one hundred days one thing is clear.
And that is we live in a much calmer country.
An odd sensation given the recent raft of mass
shootings, police murders, protests, trials, covid
deaths, and partisan legislation limiting voter
access. So why do I feel such a sense of peace?
What is the difference one hundred days later?
Rotten to the core
As claimed prior, long ago I wasn't political".
That changed when a scalawag named Trump
came to the fore. You see I knew him for the
man he truly was. Having watched him lie,
cheat, and schmooze his way to the bottom
feeder layer of New York real estate. Nobody
who was anybody in Manhattan respected,
liked, or socialized with him. All because
of his record of deceit, fraud, and aggressive
behavior. Yet for some reason, those who he
had no respect for decided he was their hero.
An outsider ready to fight for them. When it
was obviously all about him. And no one else.
Gone and soon forgotten
The end result being five years of sheer torture.
During which Mr. Trump relished, leveraged,
and maximized his time in the sun. The result
being an endless swirl of controversy, dissent,
and violence. All of which ended with his final
one-way flight on Air Force 1 to Palm Beach.
One day later he was out of the picture. Just a
washed up blonde. One who almost destroyed
this country. Along with deeply wounding the
Republican Party. Hence the biggest change in
past 100 days is that Trump is GONE. And that
President Joe Biden has risen to the occasion.
BRAVO! Now let's focus on what's important!

Thursday, April 29, 2021


All clear
Last night we did something unusual. Post
over twelve months of isolation we went to
a cocktail party. Where we drank, nibbled,
and schmoozed sans masks all night. With
friends and neighbors of like minds. Now
don't assume that we've crossed over to the
other side. Joining those freedom fighters
who are hell bent on breathing free. Rather
our fellow imbibers were fully vaccinated
like us. Hence our ability to throw caution
to the wind, reconnect, and return to normal.
The end result being one of the most pleasant
evenings we've had in a long time. 
Too little, too soon
It's hard to believe how much our lives have
changed during the Coronavirus crisis. And
while some of us are safe - others are NOT.
My eldest lives in Michigan. Where the two
alternative strains are wreaking havoc To
a point where she has personal connections
with three people currently on respirators.
Thus while some of us were sipping martinis
others continue to fight for their lives. Hence
even as the CDC relaxes it's guidelines for
those vaccinated we cannot assume this crisis
is over. Especially given many seem reluctant
to give the vaccine a shot. And save their lives.
Truth or consequences
Rumors aside we did not spent the past year
battling a hoax. As of now five hundred and
seventy four Americans have succumbed to
Covid 19. That's a daunting number. Higher
than all deaths in our last three major wars -
World War II, Korea, Viet Nam combined. 
Yet many continue to cry"fake news." Using
any excuse not to protect themselves or others.
Including claims that vaccines will make you
sick, gay, or are worse. All of which at least
to me seems terribly un-American. We each
have a responsibility to do our part. So why
not give it a shot? I'll drink to that!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Knock, knock, who's there?

Caught red handed?
Inevitably karma comes calling for all of us.
Hence I must admit that I enjoyed the news
that Federal Agents were searching Rudy
Giuliani's apartment for evidence. Ultimately
perception foretells reality. So something is
up. Post years of blatant abuse of legality,
propriety, and honesty it couldn't happen to
a badder guy. Proof that even the worst of
us must suffer our consequences. And that
nobody is above the law. Especially if your
sugar daddy is out of office. Along with any
chance of a pardon. So to quote Mr. Trump
"it is what it is." And Rudy is screwed.
Trial and error
Why does it seem that justice is rarely served?
Most of the time bad guys never get caught.
Let alone convicted. Rather the end result is
that most of them get elected. Historically in
Washington D.C. pushing the envelope has
been part of our legislative process. However
stepping over the line between good and evil
now seems business as usual for many within
our political fray. After all we just completed
four years of lies ending with insurrection.
Assuming what goes around comes around -
when will Mr. Trump meet his comeuppance?
Or better yet an orange jumpsuit all his own?
Our day will come
Or... maybe he already has. Rumor has it that
Donald Trump spends his day's golfing. Or
watching TV in the comfort of his office in
Mar-a-Lago's formal bridal suite. Could his
extended state of suspended animation be his
worst punishment? Set aside, far away from
it all, with nothing to do but stew. One has to
wonder if he worried that the law might come
knocking on his door? With all of his pending
lawsuits, state and federal investigations there
is a strong chance he'll be taken to task. Thus
it could be just a matter of time before Donald
and Rudy are finally reunited... in jail. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Red alert?
The completed final 2020 census results have
awarded Montana a second congressional seat.
Splitting our population between the current
Republican Congressman - Matt Rosendale
and a soon to be elected second. Montana is
a RED state. We just elected a scoundrel and
former Red Congressman Greg Gianforte as
our Governor. Our state house is also red den
of iniquity. Which post a lengthy blue reign is
currently reversing a plethora of prior decision.
Resulting in what must be deemed the political
equivalent of a virulent red tide. One that will
if nothing else sets us back to the dark ages.
Blue heaven?
Hence most national media has been assuming
that said second seat will automatically add yet
another red acolyte to the Republican side. But
the majority of Montana's population  growth
occurred in two blue pockets - Missoula and
Bozeman. Plus one red stronghold - Kallispell.
Which sits within Flathead County. Their 2020
voting results showing several blue strongholds.
Hence depending on how the Republican held
state house allocates the new district - could
mean theres a slight chance Montana's number
two representative could be blue. Or at least
a lovely shade of purple.
Purple reign?
As one evaluates the impact of the 2020 census
results one thing is clear. Which is that the shift
of growth - even within southern regions has
been fueled by large urban metropolitan cities.
Not country folk. However what is obvious is
that said tail wags most red dogs. Motivation
enough for blue and purple folks to step up to
engage in our next electoral process. Somehow
I'm optimistic. In that all of these newcomers
relocating from blue prior enclaves may have
changed their location but not... politics. Thus
there is ample opportunity to leverage growth
towards a fair balance. It's called democracy...

Monday, April 26, 2021


Steak holder's meeting
Last night I hosted my funeral. Said dream
was held where else but a steak house. An
spectral amalgam of all the joints I've loved
throughout life. Obviously about to end it
all - I was wheeled up to the end of a long
table. There laying before was my last meal.
A Manhattan. Raw oysters. Wedge salad.
RARE filet. Creamed spinach. And vanilla
ice cream. Around me all sorts of folks made
sure things went smoothly. An endless line
of people jockeyed for my attention. As I
worried I might miss seeing someone very
special to me before I was literally finished.
The more the merrier
Said night vision was a long, drawn out affair.
With all of the convoluted contradictions that
dreams are made of. However one thing was
clear. Each and every person at said soiree
needs to be there. Many of whom my nearest
and dearest had never met. Nor had any idea
of their importance. Yet those folks were who
I truly appreciated seeing. All because minor
connections and relationships are what make
life worth living. Random yet intimate gifts of
candor, humor, and compassion. Which at the
time seem unimportant. When in fact they make
you better for the rest of your life.
Golden opportunity
Ultimately I awoke with a smile on my face and
in my heart. Happy to be alive. And even more
thankful for the message of said vision. Which
is to live by the golden rule and hence reap its
rewards. Obviously in the end some folks will
celebrate my demise. Angry or bitter over errors
in judgement, omissions, or just plain stupidity.
However my hope is that my dream comes true.
And that all of you who've made my life better
realize just that. Knowing your kindness, love,
and generosity made a difference. For which
I am eternally grateful. So much thanks and
remember that you're on my final dinner list!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

7th Day Surprise: Biggest Loser?


Tonight is the
Academy Awards ceremony.

Yet who cares?

Who has even seen the movies nominated?

Will Oscar survive his bout with Covid 19? 

And the envelope goes to...