Saturday, March 13, 2021


Wake up call
For many reasons Saturdays tend to be lazy.
In that the week is over and it's time to relax.
This morning I couldn't get my act together.
A dear friend texted shortly after six asking
"are you awake?" To which I responded -
"Bumping into walls while I make coffee."
Even though I had plenty to do I lacked the
desire to accomplish anything. Hence this
blog is being written well post the noon hour.
Its content is questionable at best. Fortunately
the day is glorious. Providing further excuse
to do absolutely nothing but enjoy the here
and now. That is if I'm willing to do so...
Walk this way
Rarely do we appreciate what we've got. When
young we spend our time striving for more. So
much so that by the time we finally get it - we
wonder what all the fuss was about. Regretting
what could have been. However in my opinion
worrying about missed opportunities is a waste
of time. In that what's done is done. Therefore
even thinking about rewriting history is nothing
but an exercise in futility. All we can control is
the moment we're in. Or at least try to guide our
immediate path towards something beneficial.
Which is why I plan to take a walk as soon as
I finish this blog. After all the clock is ticking.
Time well spent
Whatever is on your list exists because you put
it there. Thus even while you may think things
are out of control the fact is YOU are driving
the bus. You decide when to put on the brakes,
take a detour, put the pedal to the metal. The
only question is where do you want to go? At
some point we discover that giving ourselves
time and space is the ultimate indulgence. The
payback much more than satisfaction. Taking
a break enables one to put things in perspective.
To open our hearts and minds to all life has to
offer. And if that isn't the best way to spend
your Saturday... then what is?