Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Back to the grind?
As America returns to normal change is afoot.
The process of going back to work isn't just
business as usual. For over a year much of
America worked from home. Or sat waiting
for a chance to get back to any job at hand.
Gaining wisdom while out of office. For those
still functioning - even at a long distance -
everything went smoothly. Zoom tech glitches
aside - technology enabled folks to accomplish
much from afar. Avoiding pricey commutation,
office politics, and dry cleaning bills along the
way. Which is why so many still want to work
from home. In their pajamas preferably.
While you were out

Others discovered that less is more. Meaning
that self-sufficiency sans a regular paycheck
wasn't as hard as they expected. Suddenly all
of their talents and skills they'd ignored have
become alternative revenue streams. Causing
many to question whether returning to a low
level job is worth their time and effort. This
last month over four hundred thousand retail
workers quit,  Not because of Covid. But due
to all of the options available in a reinvented
work environment. Hence in essence we're
amidst a worker's revolution. One where labor
not management is in control.
Here's the scoop
I recently heard an interview with an ice cream
store owner. Fourth generation, he ramped up
for the summer post Covid 19. Yet few if any
applied for his open minimum wage jobs. So
he upped the ante to fifteen dollars an hour.
Suddenly he had over one thousand applicants
to choose from. A month later, his higher paid
employees have more than paid for themselves.
By"upselling" plus avoiding costly mistakes.
Thus by thinking big his store, employees, and
customers benefitted. Now is the time for us all
to get to work reinventing the workplace! This
is our opportunity to change for the better!