Friday, March 5, 2021


All or nothing at all?
Who isn't impatient. Most of us aren't willing
to wait. We want what we want here and now.
Immediate gratification. Instant satisfaction. 
However the reality of life itself is rarely like
that. Yet some suggest that good things come
to those who wait. Or that sans pain there is no
gain. There is benefit to deferring gratification.
Except for those who are struggling. Who need
help now. In such emergency situations it's hard
to know what to do. At times one has to throw
caution to the wind and dive in. Or make thes
politically advantageous move for themselves.
Like the states that are ending all mandates.
Massive coverup?
Right or wrong? At least in my opinion that's
a hard question to answer. Here in Montana
our prior mask mandate was lifted weeks ago.
Not that it mattered in that many locals just
refused to wear them. However that hasn't
stopped smart folks from doing what's right.
Like donning a mask. Protecting themselves
and others. But as more and more Americans
are vaccinated such added protection seems
unnecessary. So do we open up and let germs
fly? Let's not forget that fools rush in where
angels fear to tread. Hence for now my motto
continues to be "better safe than sorry.".
Our last shot?
There is no doubt that hope is on the horizon.
And that after over a year of this Coronavirus
crisis we're gaining momentum. If everything
goes as planned life as we know it will soon
return to "normal". We're not there yet. Which
means that it's important that we continue to do
the right thing. To protect ourselves against an
unseen and unreliable enemy. I've no doubt that
within months business will be booming. Thus
why not wait and see? The last thing we need
is for more to die. If  patience is perfect - we
must all do our all until this battle is WON.
So for now stay safe. The end is near!