Monday, March 8, 2021


V for victory 
I just got shot. With my first Covid 19 vaccine
that is. Basically one year after America shut
down due to the Coronavirus. A fact that I still
find quite remarkable. Which causes me to be
grateful for all involved in the aggressive push
to make America safe again. Including former
President Donald J. Trump. Thanks to rapid
availability of three vaccines herd immunity
will soon kick in. Meaning that life will return
to some level of normality. Yet I can't help but
assume that all of us have been changed by the
last year's viral pandemic. Some for the better.
Others for the worse. We've all been infected.
Caught with our pants down 
For many reasons we've become rather jaded.
Unable to automatically trust family, friends,
and neighbors. Not because of the risk being
infected by Covid 19. But due to our political
divide. Given a choice between good and evil.
Right and wrong. Truth and lies. Some opted
to compromise their values. Instead embracing
conspiracy theories, supporting falsehoods,
or simply being ornery. Drawing a literal line
between "us" and "them" that allows for no
compromise, detente, or courtesy. Forcing all
to pick a side rather than meet in the middle.
And how sick is that?
Either nor? 
Hence our country is still critically ill - even
as the battle against the Coronavirus nears its
end. Corrupted by a plethora of conflicting
priorities driven by questionable purveyors
of information. Making it almost impossible
for those hoodwinked to separate fact from
fiction. Hence like cancer said poison eats
away the core of our Democracy, Republic,
or whatever you choose to call these not so
United States of America. Leaving all of us
angry, compromised, and bereft. Infecting
us all as we attempt to re-instate normalcy. 
Will we let them destroy all that unites us?