Saturday, March 20, 2021

It's a small world after all

Let them eat cake
While some won't admit it - our world and
its inhabitants are diverse. Hence theres no
norm. Yet since the start some have tried to
usurp the rights of others. Claiming their
superiority be it economic, legal, or racial.
Slavery is a shared sin throughout almost all
cultures. Hence even if immoral - history
proves that we're all guilty. Prejudice has
long been a part of our immoral fiber. Each
of us being the end result of from whence
we came. Which for me are the days when
Brazil nuts were "nigger toes". And we all
flipped over Aunt Jemima pancakes. 
Equal but different
Recently there has been an outbreak of anti-
Asian racism. Validated by Donald Trump's
affinity for terms like "Kung Flu". Through
out my life I've had close relationships with
Asian Americans. From elementary school
through high school there was one constant.
A shy Chinese girl named June. Who I have
always considered my equal. Even when she
was treated like an outsider within our very
white bubble. Consider the song we ALL
sang at our fourth grade Christmas concert.
 "A Jingle Bell Travelogue".  A circa 1962
racist ramble that now haunts me.
Ching along 
Said Cold War ditty took us first to Spain.
Next Austria. Then Russia. And on to "the
mysterious east". Only to post a Hawaiian
interlude to end in a rock n' roll American
crescendo. Each stop romanced via racist
terms set to "Jingle Bells".  In hindsight it
saddens me is that June had to sing "Ching
goo pow, ching goo pow, moo goo guy pan.
Oh sop gum fun, Schlimp flied lice, Ahl-
mand cook-kee." But even sadder is that a
quick Google search finds a 2008 youtube
video (below) of a group singing said sad
song. Plus a link to  buy new sheet music.
Tiny trots
Childhood memories aside - righting such
wrongs isn't political correctness. Rather it's
accepting the fact that unintentional or not -
many Americans grew up with the wrong
impression. My favorite exhibit at the 1964
Worlds Fair was Pepsi and Disney's "It's a
Small World". A seemingly naive puppet
presentation that honored the children of
Unicef. However upon seeing it again via
a vintage video (below), said stereotypical
stop in Africa takes a wrong turn as black
natives shimmy to rock n' roll. Thus admit
it or not most have been there... done that.
Wake up call
Many continue to deny that America has
a legacy of "white supremacy". However
from it's start this country has maintained
an  Anglo Saxon bias. Thus links back to 
the Mayflower gave me a superior edge.
At times Americans have exhibited bias
against anybody they considered not good
enough to dive into our melting pot. Yet
all racism violates our democratic values. 
Given "all are created equal" isn't it time
that we grew up and did whatever it takes
to make the American dream a reality?