Saturday, March 27, 2021


Post traumatic stress syndrome 
It's all too easy to be unnerved. To lose one's
sense of calm. And thus rendered unable to
function. Often uncertainty is due to a lack
of trust. Something shakes our resolve. And
instills a lack of confidence impossible to
shake off. My "scam" experience last week
did just that. Causing me to fret about ALL
and anything. Especially if or when it relates
to my computer. Hence I'm freaked out when
my computer fan runs incessantly. Assuming
the scammers left some secret gremlin within
my laptop. Focused on nothing but stealing
or destroying my data. And... me...
Vapor where? 
Most know what they don't know. However
understanding one's limitations doesn't insure
one isn't limited by forces beyond our control.
Which is why I've repeatedly called the Apple
team in an attempt to end the incessant whirl
of my laptop's fan. Their repeated evaluations
and assurances aside did nothing to help. So I
hit the web in search of answers. It's amazing
what one can find. However having been led
down the wrong path by the scammer - I was
careful. First making sure that whomever was
offering advice was legit and authentic. And
not out to get me. I won't be made a fool again.
Buried treasure 
Ultimately like Alice in Wonderland I found the
answer deep down said digital rabbit hole. And
after carefully following instructions solved my
problem. Meaning that a week later I may have
resolved all of my scam related issues. However
that doesn't totally let me off the hook. In that
I'm still uncertain of what exactly they did post
gaining access to my computer. Thus I must
continue to be vigilant. And attempt to protect
myself from unseen sources. total. My primary
focus being to attempt to protect myself against
unseen and unknown forces. And hopefully in
said process be able to finally calm down.