Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tick tock - there goes the clock

Off my game
I'll admit it. I'm a procrastinator. Deferring
tasks at hand as long as possible. Well, not
all that requires my attention. Anything
I like to do is completed immediately with
pleasure. Those easy jobs which require
little to no effort are immediately checked
off my list. Leaving those pesky problems
that have to be dealt with. Yet for a variety
of reasons are reluctantly completed at the
very last minute. Resulting in a expected
and rather Pavlovian sense of satisfaction.
One which makes me wonder why I ever
wasted my time by deferring the inevitable.
Crisis management

Fortunately for some - their inability to face
reality is work related. Such tasks aside they
opt to rip off life's bandage versus playing
a waiting game. Confronting the good, bad,
and ugly here and now. I'm rarely surprised.
Hence why defer hitting the highs and lows?
I always opt for immediate gratification.
Hoping for the best. Assuming the worst.
My veiled optimism a Pavlovian defense
against disappointment. Knowing that in
the end little worth the weight. That is
until suddenly something happens which
simply blows your mind. Imagine that....
Only time will tell
What goes around comes around. So there
is no reason to delay. Which ultimately is
what today's blog is all about. You see this
writer had nothing to say. Yet I knew that
my loyal readers were waiting for some
sort of message. In the end I couldn't put it
off any longer. Therefore here you have it.
An exercise in deferred engagement. The
end result being exactly what I could have
predicted. In that it was probably not worth
the wait. Nor the angst involved in somehow
crafting a message about nothing at all. And
with that I leave you. Until tomorrow that is.