Monday, March 29, 2021


The new normal?
Recent coverage of the shooting in Boulder
focused on the shocking fact that two gun
sprees occurred within one week. However
that wasn't the most disturbing of revelations.
Rather it was that I'd completely forgotten
about the spa murders in Georgia. Post said
crime spree I moved on. Embracing a new
world where bad things can happen to good
people buying groceries. Am I numbed by
the reality that Montanans can legally pack
concealed weapons? Or that last week one
of our state legislators mounted a bill to add
rifles to our flag. Am I just an easy target?
Safety in numbers?
I read a quote this morning from Senator
Toomey of Pennsylvania. Who stated that
whether someone being able to add more
guns to their arsenal didn't make them any
more dangerous. A philosophy which only
bodes well for gun manufacturers. Next
I read a report about the truly devastated
family of the Boulder gunman. All who
were gobsmacked when he showed them
the gun he's purchased for "target practice".
Claiming a week later that he was on his
way to "return" it. Only to stop at a grocery
store and shoot ten people in cold blood.
Well worth the risk?
Second Amendment defenders attribute
mass gun murders to a "mental health
crisis."  Yet do little to limit the access
of  "crazies" to guns. Obviously anybody
who is willing and able to shoot and kill
innocent bystanders is NUTS. However
whats even crazier is that post a series
of traumatic events we do nothing to
stop the next. Instead of learning from
our mistakes we ignore them.. An act
that makes us equally culpable for gun
crimes against humanity. When will we
stop the madness? Enough already!