Monday, June 28, 2021


The green, green grass of home
Some say that the grass is inevitably greener on
the other side. However on our Sunday drive to
White Sulphur Springs Montana that wasn't the
case. The further beyond Fergus County - the
drier things got. Said visual affirming that we're
lucky to have greener pastures than most of our
fellow Montanans. After stopping for lunch, it
was again quite evident that our town is on the
upswing. Whereas other communities continue
to struggle. Yet post arrival in White Sulphur
Springs we found that Lewistown is not the only
small Montanan town amidst a renaissance. So
what drives a community's success or failure?

Dose of reality
Before anybody jumps to conclusions - let me
be clear. Growth within isolated agriculturally
driven communities such as ours is organic.
Thus like any natural process it happens slowly
but surely. Requiring all involved to persevere.
Along with nurture and respect said evolution.
What's obvious once you leave Lewistown is
that at times community development works.
But just as often if fails. Said success is driven
by a delicate balance of industry, commerce,
and creativity. Along with ample doses of just
plain luck. Thus an occasional jaunt outside of
town can reinforce just how good we've got it.

At a new stage
Who knows why some succeed where others
fail? The formula for success is actually quite
simple. PEOPLE. Last Saturday Lewistown
celebrated the opening of our new Creekside
Marketplace and Pavilion park. A project that
was born out of a community initiative whose
focus was to improve our circumstances. Yet
another indication that great things happen if
and when we work together. Especially in the
middle of no where. So where do we go from
here? Can we leverage forward momentum
to insure Lewistown ends up in a good place?
We've much to gain. Or... much to lose.

Thursday, June 24, 2021


What the "F"
This week the US Supreme Court  ruled in
favor of profanity. Spewed via social media
by an irate teenage cheerleader. Said decision
reinforced the right of all Americans to speak
their piece. Even if it is a piece of "s". That's
just one of the freedoms that come with being
a citizen of this great nation. However as your
mother said long ago "just because someone
says you can jump off a bridge doesn't mean
you have to." Hence while we all have a right
to be profane - we don't have to be offensive.
Meaning that when it comes to free speech
we all should give a "s" about what we say.
Linguistics coarse
I'm the first to admit I have a potty mouth. A 
ommunication skill crafted after four decades
in advertising and retail. Where we often joked
that the "f" word could be used as an adjective, 
noun, or verb. However now I have to question
why many Americans communicate with such
a limited vocabulary. In the old days my great
Aunt Sadie would have deemed such discourse
"coarse". Preferring to treat others with respect
rather than barrage them with expletives. Yet
for reasons beyond her control most others now
opt to communicate in a manner unbecoming
to gentle folks. Which isn't always very pretty.
Verbal dump
Foul language is certainly not new. However
it's common use in public by almost everyone
is. A down and dirty verbal phenomena which
I find tiresome at best. After all - there are so
many ways to say the same thing differently.
Consider human waste. Nowadays most use
the "s" word. Even though there are a variety
of very colorful ways to describe our process
of elimination. Like feces, discharge, egesta,
droppings, dung, or excreta. Plus the requisite
poop, doo-doo, ca-ca, crap, stinkies, or a any
of the other options available. All of which
prove one can be foul mouthed and not curse. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Back to the grind?
As America returns to normal change is afoot.
The process of going back to work isn't just
business as usual. For over a year much of
America worked from home. Or sat waiting
for a chance to get back to any job at hand.
Gaining wisdom while out of office. For those
still functioning - even at a long distance -
everything went smoothly. Zoom tech glitches
aside - technology enabled folks to accomplish
much from afar. Avoiding pricey commutation,
office politics, and dry cleaning bills along the
way. Which is why so many still want to work
from home. In their pajamas preferably.
While you were out

Others discovered that less is more. Meaning
that self-sufficiency sans a regular paycheck
wasn't as hard as they expected. Suddenly all
of their talents and skills they'd ignored have
become alternative revenue streams. Causing
many to question whether returning to a low
level job is worth their time and effort. This
last month over four hundred thousand retail
workers quit,  Not because of Covid. But due
to all of the options available in a reinvented
work environment. Hence in essence we're
amidst a worker's revolution. One where labor
not management is in control.
Here's the scoop
I recently heard an interview with an ice cream
store owner. Fourth generation, he ramped up
for the summer post Covid 19. Yet few if any
applied for his open minimum wage jobs. So
he upped the ante to fifteen dollars an hour.
Suddenly he had over one thousand applicants
to choose from. A month later, his higher paid
employees have more than paid for themselves.
By"upselling" plus avoiding costly mistakes.
Thus by thinking big his store, employees, and
customers benefitted. Now is the time for us all
to get to work reinventing the workplace! This
is our opportunity to change for the better!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tick tock - there goes the clock

Off my game
I'll admit it. I'm a procrastinator. Deferring
tasks at hand as long as possible. Well, not
all that requires my attention. Anything
I like to do is completed immediately with
pleasure. Those easy jobs which require
little to no effort are immediately checked
off my list. Leaving those pesky problems
that have to be dealt with. Yet for a variety
of reasons are reluctantly completed at the
very last minute. Resulting in a expected
and rather Pavlovian sense of satisfaction.
One which makes me wonder why I ever
wasted my time by deferring the inevitable.
Crisis management

Fortunately for some - their inability to face
reality is work related. Such tasks aside they
opt to rip off life's bandage versus playing
a waiting game. Confronting the good, bad,
and ugly here and now. I'm rarely surprised.
Hence why defer hitting the highs and lows?
I always opt for immediate gratification.
Hoping for the best. Assuming the worst.
My veiled optimism a Pavlovian defense
against disappointment. Knowing that in
the end little worth the weight. That is
until suddenly something happens which
simply blows your mind. Imagine that....
Only time will tell
What goes around comes around. So there
is no reason to delay. Which ultimately is
what today's blog is all about. You see this
writer had nothing to say. Yet I knew that
my loyal readers were waiting for some
sort of message. In the end I couldn't put it
off any longer. Therefore here you have it.
An exercise in deferred engagement. The
end result being exactly what I could have
predicted. In that it was probably not worth
the wait. Nor the angst involved in somehow
crafting a message about nothing at all. And
with that I leave you. Until tomorrow that is.

Monday, June 21, 2021


Seen and heard
Last night we dined at our favorite truck stop.
A joint that not only dishes out great grub but
almost always provides ample entertainment.
Last night's floor show was our waitress, Who
was "over" her "lazy" co-workers. Her ire due
to young folks who tend to not have the same
work ethic as those old enough to know better.
Obviously they weren't up to the challenge. Nor
willing to rise to any occasion. Leading her to
growl "I'm calling the hospital to find out much
it would cost to remove their cell phones after
I shove them up their ass." Clearly she'd had
enough. So she spoke her piece and then some.
Message center
Sometimes the only way to get your message
across is to say it like it is. Yet all too often
we make things worse by trying to be nice.
Honesty is always the best policy. But getting
one's message across doesn't have to require
blunt force. Making things clear obviously
requires transparency. Smoke and mirrors fuel
claims of misunderstanding by those within
earshot. So rather than beat around the bush
it's always best to speak your piece. Allowing
your audience to instantly understand exactly
where you're coming from. Whether they like
it or not. After all it is what it is - isn't it?!
Hearing aids
The art of candor can be easier said than done.
Especially when it comes to politics. Most of
our leaders prefer to tell us whatever we want
to hear. Even if it isn't the truth. They've NO
intention of delivering on such false pretenses.
At least Mitch McConnell has the guts to state
his position. Like saying his plan is to block
any attempt by President Biden to accomplish
anything. The question is what message will
we the people send back to all who choose to
sing along with Mitch? Will we complain yet
hand them re-election? Or will we finally say
"NO" and mean it? SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!

Friday, June 18, 2021


It's about time
Tomorrow is Juneteenth. A celebration that until
recently most Americans were not aware of.
Specifically most who are not black. June 19,
1865 a Union General proclaimed slavery's end
in Galveston Texas. Two and half years after the
Emancipation Declaration was signed into law
during the Civl War. Hence the freeing of the
last of four million enslaved African Americans
was completed. Reason enough to celebrate.
Especially given that yesterday President Biden
officially signed a decree designating it a federal
holiday. Post bi-partisan passage through both
houses of Congress. Yet some aren't celebrating.
Party pooper
Montana's sole Congressman - Republican Matt
Rosendale was one of fourteen "conservatives"
who voted against said designation. Falsely
claiming "the left" wanted to replace the Fourth
of July. Along with further justifying his offense
by stating the legislation was intended to make
"Americans feel bad and convince then that our
country is evil". Proving once again how out
of sync Mr. Rosendale is with both history and
America at large. However that's not the worst.
He also voted against awarding Congressional
Gold Medals to Capital Police Officers killed
in the line of duty. What's wrong with Matt?!
Purple people eater

As a blue type living within a red state I'm used
to being misrepresented. However I find Matt
Rosendale's ardent pursuit of conspiracy theory
rhetoric offensive. No matter how one gets into
an elected office - their ultimate responsibility
is to represent ALL whom they serve. Yet his
public detours to the far right do anything but
that. Ultimately his job is to insure Montana's
voice is heard. And that we get our fair share.
It is NOT to legislate his version of morality.
Which this writer finds immoral at best. And in
the process portrays our great state as anything
but what is truly is. SHAME ON YOU MATT.

Thursday, June 17, 2021


Bi-partisan politics
Nobody likes to lose. Everybody assumes
they're right. When it comes to capitulation -
the majority of folks won't compromise.
That's quite easy if a decision is yours alone.
Or in a group setting where one is either in
control or has the winning vote. No wonder
cooperation rarely happens. Especially when
divergent interests are involved. All of who
have but one goal - power. No wonder neither
Congress or the Senate can get anything done.
Against all odds it's easier to opt out rather
than accomplish something. Thus government
tends to be little more than a futile exercise. 
Neither nor
In the past viewing our democratic process in
action was akin to watching paint dry.  For
centuries it seemed nothing ever happened.
Therefore it was easy to look the other way.
To hand over all responsibility to our elected
officials. Slowly but surely such a process of
inertia empowers a sub culture of clandestine
enrichment Allowing those for who we voted
to do whatever suits their needs - NOT ours.
Creating a legislative process than can only
be deemed a viscous cycle. Which is exactly
is happening in Washington D.C. A game of
thrones where nobody wins. Or do some?
Split decision
In reality the wants and needs of constituents
seem to be of no consequence. What matters
are votes. Especially those which are easily
everaged to their advantage. Sadly what's lost
in said process are core values such as dignity,
morality, and results. In that the majority of
our elected officials have no shame when it
comes to winning. Along with absolutely no
desire to lose anything. The end result being
an endless push and pull that maintains the
status quo and little else. When what's needed
is to meet somewhere in the middle. Until we
can get there we're going to get nowhere fast.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


It's a grand old flag
My father fought in World War Two. A proud
patriot he daily hung the stars and stripes in
front of the house. Plus it didn't hurt that said
Americana matched with my Mother's colonial
decor. Hence I was taught that our nation's flag
was something to honor, respect, and protect.
Last Saturday we watched as members of our
Navy presented a flag to a grieving family at
Frank's uncle's burial. A fitting tribute to his
service to our country. Again a symbol of all
that makes America great. Yet sadly within the
last year flying a flag has come to represent
discord rather than unity.
False pretenses
A few days ago my sister-in-law came upon
the flag shown above whilst on a bike ride.
Said banner is not only is a shameful display
of disrespect. But an offense given it hung
above our nation's flag. NO wonder I have
come to view many flag bearers as suspect
at best. Possibly because disenfranchised
losers have hijacked our mantle of freedom.
And in doing so have tainted said symbol
of democracy as theirs alone. So help me. 
Exactly when did our flag become a brand
logo for one man alone? Trumping the rest
of America in their quest to usurp equality.
Warning flags
Our collective American dream is based on
equal opportunity. Freedom of speech being
the right of every citizen of this great nation.
However profanity is NOT patriotic. While
we've a right to our opinion - the purposeful
disrespect of our fellow citizens and leaders
is wrong. Hence such flags are more than
assaults on our senses. They are symbols of
the tenuous state of our union. Proof of what
separates rather than unites this great land. 
Therefore we must consider such fabric slurs
to be banner cries. Motivating us to reclaim
our flag and dignity. Before it waves away...

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


How dumb is that?
Nothing is more insulting than being deemed
ignorant. Or worse stupid. Then there is the
slur of being termed dumb. The assumption
being that a fool has a knowledge deficit. Or
some natural propensity to avoid illumination. 
Which drives some to take advantage of those
they deem dumb or dumber. However naiveté
often usurps true mental ineptitude. Reason
enough for environmental abusers to locate
their destructive forces in very isolated places.
Assuming their victims have no idea of how
such a threat might impact their future health
and happiness. So is ignorance truly bliss?!
Misery loves company
When it comes to the Trump presidency we're
slowly finding that what we thought might be
happening was. Revelation after revelation
indicates a disdain for historical precedence.
Along with the willingness to break whatever
law was in their way. Leveraging the sacred
power of our democracy to investigate their
enemies. All as they secretly negotiated and
partnered with our enemies. Which bodes the
question - "did they think we're that stupid?"
Honestly, whether one is considered blue or
red, conservative or liberal, Democrat or 
Republican, most American are not dumb.
Ignorance ain't bliss
Intellect aside, there is a method to any such
madness. Hence some of our leaders prefer
that we ignore facts. Throwing up a veil of
smoke and mirrors. The purpose of which is
to keep us in the dark. Assuming Americans
are ignorant, lazy, or completely jaded. But
is that true? Are we really that dumb? Or will
we ultimately come to our senses? Realizing
that the truth will set this great nation free. 
Foolishness only deters our ability to invest
in our future. Smart enough to know better -
we must hold those accountable for crimes
against democracy. So why play dumb?

Monday, June 14, 2021


All or nothing at all?
I don't know about you but I know what I don't
know. Or at least I thought I did. For this writer
life is an endless learning experience. One of
constant discovery, illumination, and evolution.
Hence one could assume that I rarely assume
anything. Yet in truth - I jump to conclusions
just like the rest of you. My hope is that one of
the positive differences between me, myself and
others is that I'm willing to reconsider. Open to
alternatives. And often a reluctant but willing
target. Such shifts driven by facts, data, plus
the occasional gut reactions. Which is why I'm
if nothing else a piece of work in progress.
Tag you're it
Ultimately life's sweet spot is somewhere in the
middle. A state of detente situated between two
extremes. Yet our individual polar opposites are
unique. Thus it can be tough to find common
ground upon a ever shifting bog which lays in
between irreconcilable differences. Our issue
being how does one maintain balance against
all odds? Yesterday we drove up to the cabin.
Along the way a rancher had hung a sign that
read "Just because I'm white doesn't make me
racist.".  Which was quickly followed by a
Burma Shave litany of weak excuses. All that
indicated they were confused at best.
Who knows?
Life's best lessons come via learning from
our mistakes. Rather than opt to be open
to alternatives - many balk at any ideas
that might change their minds. So they dig
their feet in or hang signs in protest. Saying
that the color of one's skin doesn't make us
who we are. When in fact the experiences,
privileges, and competitive edge associated
with being white do just that. Chances are
my roadside friend has never trod upon the
other side. Thus their interaction with Black,
Latino, or Asian Americans has been few
and far between. They've NO idea...
Matters of fact
Prior to jumping to any conclusion one should
take a walk in another's shoes. Or at least an
internet deep dive. Post such a stroll chances
are you'll realize we're not all that different.
However "who" we are is but one component
that drives out destiny. Ultimately it's the what,
when, where, and why of life that makes or
breaks us. All the reason to think before one
draws a line in the sand (or hangs up a sign). 
Immediate denial of endemic racism just may
be the ultimate expression of racist tendencies.
So before you take offense, think about it. You
just might change your mind.