Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Waiting room
Ultimately the majority of criminals are held
responsible for their actions. Karma kicks in.
The big problem being that what goes around 
rarely comes around when we want it to. Yes,
timing is everything. Payback almost always
being well worth the wait. As of today many
innocent until proven guilty  criminals are in
the process of being held responsible for their
actions. In Minneapolis the world watches as
Derek Chauvin's trial starts. In Boulder and
Atlanta two mass shooters await their days of
reckoning. As participants in the attack against
our U.S. Capital will soon be held accountable.
Behind the scenes
Often it seems that the worse of us find a way
to avoid the inevitable. Working the system in
their favor. Deferring retribution via a variety
of questionable detours. However we shouldn't
assume it's as easy as it looks. Even the worst
of us are tortured by the pressure and stress of
living in limbo. Knowing that ultimately they
will be held accountable. Which makes this
writer wonder what Donald Trump is thinking
as he hides at his Palm Beach enclave. Being
out of sight and mind has to be hell on earth
for an egomaniac. And as far as I'm concerned
it couldn't happen to a worst guy.
Patience please
It's been said that the higher they fly the harder
they fall. Hence those who abuse their power
sink to new lows. Left or right - red or blue - 
good and bad. Currently Andrew Cuomo faces
a barrage of accusations. All which appear to
indicate that rather than invincible, Andy was
all too human. And thus yet another example
that few if any get away with wrongdoing. No
one likes being taught a lesson. However being
held responsible for one's mistakes sets a good
example for the rest of humanity. Until then
we're all going to have to be patient. Justice is
worth the wait. It's over... when it's over...