Monday, March 1, 2021


U.S. versus them
If you're like me - you're not sure what or whom
to believe. Most crave easy answers. Honest -
straight forward data. Yet for many Americans
warped perception has become their surreality.
Facts aside - said devotees dogmatically decry
those foolish enough to speak the truth. Angrily
defending fantastical dreams. As others deem
them nothing more than nightmares. Part of
me admires their commitment against all odds.
Although deep down I am absolutely terrified
of their blind ambition. Afraid of what they'll
do next. Or of my realization that we have no
chance of changing their minds for the better.
"Q" and nays
For reasons beyond our control we've lost all
reason. At least the ability to work things out
amongst ourselves. Political myopia warping
the hearts and minds of so many of our family,
friends, and neighbors. Hence true or not they
believe Trump is the victim. That the world at
large is plotting against them. Stripping them
of their rights, beliefs, and freedom. Holding
onto a promise that he'll still be inaugurated.
As our nineteen President on March fourth.
Willing to do anything to prove they are right.
So how can the rest of us prevail against such
a tsunami of delusion? 
Den of thieves
When will this ever end? Are we destined to
be immersed in a never ending war of fantasy
versus reality? Can sanity be victorious? Will
we hold them accountable for their falsehoods?
The path to redemption is accepting the truth.
Anything else threatens our very democratic
principals, Therefore we cannot hand over our
country to a band of thieves. Crazed vigilantes
who honor nothing except hatred, derision and
delusion. Is that how we want our American
dream to end? A sacrificial lamb murdered on
their altar of maniacal ambition. We cannot
surrender to lunacy? That would be CRAZY!