Friday, July 31, 2020


You can hide but you can't...
It's obvious that bad times make things all
the worse. Just when you think a downward
decline is about to end you're suddenly left
hanging on the edge. Given the news, it's
easy to freak out. We just got reports that
second quarter GDP slipped over thirty two
percent. Breaking all time records in a bad
way. Meanwhile Mr. Trump revealed his
not so hidden agenda in a tweet suggesting
that his re-election be delayed. Can it get
worse? Hell yes! Ask Texas Congressman
Louie Gohmert who just tested positive for
coronavirus. And blames it on his mask.
The end is near
Public displays of indecency aside, we all feel
it when a negative trend hits home. Like the
millions on unemployment who just lost their
additional Fed stipend. Most of us have spent
our Coronavirus stimulus checks. Companies
continue to lay off workers. All as Covid 19
infections and deaths are on the increase in
pockets across the country. In essence we are
all in a state of suspended animation. Each of
us wondering who, what, when, or where the
next crisis will occur. And suddenly whether
one's favorite team plays or not doesn't matter.
All that is important is that we live through this.
Democracy trumps anarchy
How do you survive these worst of times?
For an old guy like me I must remember
what's passed before. That when it got so
bad that I doubted I could survive - they
improved. Therefore I am going to try to
be cautiously optimistic. However I will
not lull myself into a state of complacency.
One misstep and it could be over. Hence
do yourself a favor and hold yourself and
all others responsible. Nobody wants to
be the bad guy. So while uncomfortable,
wear a mask! And if anybody goes off the
deep end - save us all and vote him out!

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Fever pitch
The very idea that some folks still think the
Coronavirus crisis is a Democrat plot baffles
me. Especially given said virus has spread
across the globe. Denial is all too easy when
based on vaporous conspiracy theories, lies,
rumors, and innuendo. However if Covid 19
suddenly hits you or someone you love it's
a bitch slap of reality. Recently a friend of
a friend had such a brush with karma. Post
months of spewing Trumpish rubbish and
ignoring all the rules said red rightist found
out that her eighty eight year old father had
Covid 19. Killing him just a few days later.
Dead end
Her mournful response being "what an awful
way to learn a lesson." Yet such a realization
in these times of conflict shouldn't come as a
surprise. Sadly anybody with a link to social
media can spout whatever theory that suits
their fancy. However the difference between
gossip and subterfuge becomes all the more
challenging when millions can "like" or latch
onto whatever... whenever. Including Donald
Trump who "shares" Coronavirus theories via
crazies who believe extra terrestrial cells can
be found in most vaccines. Causing if nothing
else undue confusion and at worse... delusion.
Get real
Most of us simply want answers. When a dear
friend fell ill she tried to get a test. Only to be
told that she didn't qualify. This morning my
daughter awoke with aches, chills, and a chest
that felt like a crowd was sitting upon it. She
couldn't breathe. Yet still was forced to suffer
through a convoluted approval process before
scheduling a test the next day. Now she'll wait
three to five days for results. A delay that puts
the patient and her family in limbo. Suddenly
this Coronavirus "hoopla" is all too real. And
the impending test results are not only scary
but might be too late. And how sick is that?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Smoke and mirrors
Theres an old expression "where theres smoke
theres fire." Along with another "actions speak
louder than words." Hence denials aside, Bill
Barr's tenure as our Attorney General has been
questionable at best. Given timing is everything
his rapid responses to President Trump's public
tweets alone cannot be ignored. Nor can his
abject compliancy to Presidential directives to
unleash federal troops upon American citizens
be condoned. All of the true evidence - whether
circumstantial or documented is ample enough
to demonstrate that he is the wrong man for the
job. Enough said. Regretfully he is who he is.
Counter intelligence
However, that is not our problem. One simply
had to watch Mr. Barr's appearance before the
Congressional Judiciary Committee to view
what a mess we're in. Given Mr. Barr's prior
lack of engagement said august panel, his
questioners were loaded for bear. Ready to
attack him for his arrogance alone. Along
with his actions outlined above. However
the left's blatant grandstanding did then no
good. Nor did the counter offensive from the
right make their point. Instead both parties
should have allowed William Barr to speak
for himself. And... thus dig his own grave.
Speak of the devil
Obviously the arguments and accusations on
both sides fell on deaf ears. All as one of the
most arrogant and deviant of public servants
sat silently by. Asked important questions by
his rabid foes, he was NOT given the time to
answer. Thus insuring that we the people did
not hear what Mr. Barr had to say. Which as
his random media interviews amply show is
little more than compromised subterfuge. It's
obvious what he has done. His agenda being
even clearer. Hence our representatives need
to let the man speak. And in doing so enable
his arrogance to insure that we hear the truth.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Public discourse
For some it's quite easy to dismiss the raft
of protests across this nation. Some consider
said gatherings nothing more than a bunch
of hooligans making trouble. One can easily
view snippets of said uprisings on the news.
Skewed left or right depending on the channel.
However most are still left  wondering what
all the fuss is about. Initially it was the brutal
death of a black man at police hands. Next
their purpose was to affirm that "Black lives
matter." However now most have no idea why
these people are putting themselves out there
on a daily basis. Is it all just grandstanding?!
Out of control
Throughout history there has been a primary
motivating factor which drove people to the
streets. A corrupt government. The very idea
of which seems un-American. After all we
consider ourselves the greatest of nations.
Hence attributing our unrest to an unstable
government seems un-American. Yet if we're
honest, our national discord is the byproduct
of one man - Donald Trump. The guy who
opened Pandora's box by breaking every rule.
Empowering all extremes to start the battle
they'd been waiting for. So right or wrong,
just or unfair, Trump is the root of said evil.
Either or neither or...
You see, civilization has always been unfair.
A delicate balance of haves and have nots.
Great leaders doing whatever necessary to
maintain a level of stability. Depending on
who, what, where, or when chances are that
somebody got hurt in the process. All while
others maintained an unfair advantage. Yet
throughout the centuries most at top never
lost control. Deftly manipulating the wants
and needs of their constituents to maintain
an evolutionary status quo. Where change
came slowly as the opportunity to shift arose.
Not fast enough for some. Too fast for others.
Change for change's sake
In the end we'll have enough. In a totalitarian
dictatorship the top dog opts to put people in
their place. In a republican democracy such as
ours - the reverse happens. Having hit a point
of no return the people take back control. For
some that's protesting in the streets. As others
draw a line in the sand via the voting booth.
Ultimately both approaches will yield results.
Facilitating a seismic shift that creates long
lasting change for the better. And that my
friends is what all of this fuss is all about. It's
going to take awhile.  However in the end I'm
confident that America will all the better for it.

Monday, July 27, 2020


Can you smell that?
Many years ago I decided to give
up fragrance. After dousing myself
daily in Halston Z14 or  Guerlain
Extra Dry, suddenly I found scent
intrusive. It's not that I didn't like
the smell,  I just didn't like being
smelly all the time. So I went cold
turkey and honestly haven't worn
cologne or after shave since! My
sans scent credo transcends every
aspect of my life. From detergent
to deodorant, if the label says it's
"fragrance free" - I'm in!
l'eau de Camelot
While I claim to abhor fragrance,
I actually prefer to strategically
integrate it into my life. Since a
tot I've adored Caswell Massey
soap. Specifically Jockey Club
which has been said to have been
JFK's favorite. Who wouldn't like
to smell like Jack? These creamy
slabs turn taking a shower into a
trip to paradise. Given my schnoz
has become quite sensitive, I smell
it's gentle fragrance all day. It's so
manly yet indulgent. Just like me!
Got milk?
Being of a gentleman of certain genetic
strain, my pale skin can be beyond dry.
Therefore I must daily douse with some
sort of body lotion. Most are sticky and
slimy. However there is one that leaves
me feeling moist yet unencumbered by
residue. Santa Maria de Novella Latte
per Il Corpo Uomo is a light and milky
concoction that literally disappears the
moment you put it on. Leaving behind
only it's spicy scent. Honestly if I could
take a bath in the stuff I would. However
at $85 a bottle, I must limit my dairy.
Light my fire
When it comes to my home, all bets
are off as relates to maintaining a
scent free environment. My problem
is that I adore Cire Trudon  candles -
specifically the Balmoral variety.
Anyone who has dined chez moi
knows I light a veritable bon fire
of these babies. Nothing brings a
smile to my face like catching a
faint hint of their scent as I scurry
by the morning after. While more
than decadent, they're absolutely
essential to my smelly survival.
No animals were harmed
In the end I guess I'm not a purist.
While I claim to abhor fabricated
fragrances, I adore them if used
strategically. There is a right time
and place for everything. Having
lived and worked in hi-rises, little
is worse than riding the elevator
with a lady doused in some cheap
perfume. What you love, others
may loathe. Life already stinks
enough without the addition of
somebody else's eau de cologne.

If you must spritz, please be gentle.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

7th Day Surprise: Naked Ambition


By the time one comes home
after a long day at the daily grind 
all you want to do is chill.

In a nice cold shower that is.
And how cool is that?!