Monday, March 22, 2021

Innocent yet proven guilty

Error in judgement
Nobody wants to admit they are in the wrong.
Nor embrace the concept that they've made a
mistake. Especially when in theory they had
no idea of what they were doing. Yesterday I
made an error in judgment. Not purposefully
but in my opinion rather innocently. Or... as
some might suggest foolishly. You see I was
scammed via the internet. To the tune of over
five hundred dollars. All done in a very simple
yet cunning way. And now that it's done I'm
trying to right the wrongs. Facing the reality
that I've made big mess that isn't easily fixed.
Proof I'm not so smart as I thought I was.
In a fix
Yesterday I had trouble hooking up a printer.
So like almost anybody I googled for help in
resolving the problem. Soon I was watching
a series of videos telling me step by step how
to get up and running. Which I followed step
by step. Suddenly a message told me that the
"printer could not be installed due to security
issues." Displaying a number which I called.
Immediately I was talking to a guy who said
he could fix it. However he needed access to
my computer. It was all so smooth and simple
that I saw no problem. So this fool of fools 
let him rush in. And take over my life.
Totally checked out
Within minutes he helped me get the printer
to work. However he also had access to all
of my info at the same time. Well... not all.
When finished he informed me that he had
eliminated a plethora of foreign addresses
on my IP. And installed a security system 
"metotherescue" to insure it didn't happen
again. All for the tidy sum of $490. Which
I had to pay by supplying my bank account
numbers. Suddenly the light bulb went off
and I knew I'd been taken. Yet at that point
he was still in/on my computer. So I stalled
until he agreed to take a credit card instead.
Get smart
Once the dirty deed was done and he was
off my computer I called Apple. They soon
installed Malware and helped me check out
my computer carefully. In the end they say
nothing was violated. And that everything
should be fine. However I changed all of my
passwords. Next I contacted the credit card
company and put a dispute on the scam fee.
Meanwhile I googled the company who'd
done me wrong and found that many fellow
victims. All who told the same story. So... 
while an idiot at least I wasn't alone. Yet as
of this morning I'm still totally freaked out.
Numb and dumber
All of the above is a reminder that we all
must be careful who we trust. While not
a believer in conspiracy theories I've no
doubt that there are evil forces out there.
Ready to take advantage. So watch out.
Be cautious. Assume nothing. And most
important - don't leave the door open. I'll
be dealing with the ramifications of this
mess long term. And while it's my fault - 
I'm an innocent victim. That is a gullible,
willing participant in my own undoing.
Just another example of how technology