Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The good, the bad, and the ugly

For better or worse
As I write this blog the first Presidential debate
looms on the horizon. A public event most
Americans dread for a variety of reasons. One
which is guaranteed to offer a televised bevy
of fireworks for Mr. Trump's ardent loyalists.
While most true blues worry about how Biden
will stand up against his aggressive onslaught.
In the end it may be much ado about nothing.
Given that most pundits are of the opinion that
the majority of us have already made our minds
up. That said the less said tends to benefit most
of us. Hence chances are somebody is going to
screw up tonight. But who?
Fact versus friction
If history repeats itself, Mr. Trump is going to
come out punching. Which means that beyond
name calling he'll spew out a plethora of false
accusations. The question is whether some of
us are dumb enough to believe it. Meanwhile
Mr. Biden will armed with truth and facts. All
to prove that his opponent's job performance
thus far has been questionable at best. Along
with commentary on recent revelations about
Donald Trump's taxes - or lack thereof. What's
uncertain is how Americans will react to said
back and forth. Ultimately it will come down
to each man himself. And who we trust.
May the best man win
As you read this you know what happened last
night. My question is did any of it lead you to
a different conclusion? Or did it simply affirm
what you already knew? Unfortunately even the
most open of individuals filters things through
preconceived notions. Hence it's doubtful that
the few who can't make up their minds came
to a decision. Said end game will not happen
until they fill out their ballot by November 3rd.
Meaning that we still have an opportunity to
guide them get to a better place. Thus whoever
you know who doesn't know needs your help.
Tell them like it is. Before it's too late...

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Is that all there is?
It has been said that there are two things one
can't avoid - death and taxes. Therefore most
assume the odds are against us. And that we
have no option except to pay our fair share.
Most millionaires try to avoid the inevitable.
Yet the average tax rate for the top .001% of
Americans comes in at 24.1%. Or about $400
million per annum. Whereas the President's
tax returns for fifteen years show that he paid
the I.R.S. nada for eleven. Only to the shell
out $750 in 2016 and 2017 - his first year in
office. Compared to Barack Obama's tax bill
for his first year which was $1.7 million plus. 
Fool's gold 
Oh and let's not forget that Mr. Trump also
received a $72.9 million tax refund for his
failed casino venture. Which is the reason
he has been under audit and could be liable
for one hundred million plus should the IRS
find him in the wrong. Hence if we are to
believe Mr. Trump's paper trail and signed
tax returns - he's a total business failure. So
how does he still live like Midas? Obviously
 by writing off his homes, private plane, and
even coiffures as business expenses. Along
with paying his daughter Ivanka "consulting
fees" while she collected a corporate salary. 
Naked ambition
All of which causes some to conclude that
not only does our emperor lack new togs -
he can't afford them. Or that he is so smart
that he's cheated the U.S. Treasury out of
it's fair share for decades and then some.
So how can this man of the masses - their
successful businessman icon get away with
not paying his way? By purposefully hiding
the facts. And thus allowing "we the people"
to cover his ass for decades.  Isn't it about
time that we hold him accountable? And
pay his way like normal folks? Why give
him four more years as "cheater in chief"? 

Monday, September 28, 2020


Victims of circumstance
As I've often said - as a resident of Lewistown
Montana I live in a bubble. An isolated, rarified
yet rather lovely hideaway. Within said isolated
confines one's perspective can be rather warped.
The other day I saw a sign that read "Freedom
not socialism." As if some overwhelming threat
to our democracy was about to attack Fergus
County. When in fact our home turf is the last
place anybody is interested in. Except maybe
the Russians should they want to alter the course
of the nuclear armaments hidden beneath our
rolling prairies and docile cattle. So what is all
of the fuss about? Is rural Montana in peril?
From bad to worse
One of our more vocal local politicos tends to
be an alarmist. Hence anybody who disagrees
with his uber conservative stances is deemed
a "socialist".  Sadly for reasons beyond my
comprehension many friends and neighbors
share his fears. That everyone is against them.
Plotting to undo the American dream as they
know it. Their worst fear coming to fruition
in that their "normal" is abnormal. As most
of their fellow Americans live in a way that
is their polar opposite. No wonder they're so
afraid of what they see on TV. A world that
is weird, foreign, and different from theirs.
Much ado about nothing
Ignorance may be bliss. But fear mongering
does nobody any good. Recently the same
red herring made a stink about our County
Clerk's recommendation to shift to voting
via mail versus opening polling places. His
trumped up arguments based on rumor, lies,
and innuendo. But why all the fuss? Trump
garnered 73.1% of 6,082 registered voters
(79% turnout) in 2016. Could there really
be some deep state hidden agenda to skew
Fergus County's results? Or are histrionics
the preferred secret weapon of our local
conservatives? Anything but the truth huh?

Sunday, September 27, 2020

7th Day Surprise: A NEW LEAF

Signs of the times...

On this the first weekend of autumn
one can't help but have a bit of wanderlust.

Thus while it still feels like summer
in much of Ameirica...
it's starting to look like fall.