Thursday, March 11, 2021


Dirty little secrets 
At some point we all come to the conclusion.
Which is that secrets - especially if rooted in
evil never go away. Rather they lurk behind
the scenes. Festering like malevolent black
mold. Just waiting to unleash their poison.
All of us suffer from some elements of bad
influences. Which most of us do our best to
subjugate. Setting it aside to stew. And thus
enabling us to defer the inevitable reckoning
that follows exposure. Hence racism continues
to be a all pervasive cancer within our society.
One which few are willing to acknowledge.
Let alone admit to..
Eyes wide shut 
This morning someone suggested that we
thank Donald Trump for unleashing the worst
in all of us. In that his devotion to denying
his racist tendencies forced us all to confront
the sin within us. And embrace an unspoken
stain on our integrity. Finally exposing a deep
undercurrent of hatred that corrupts much
of what we think and do. Therefore while I'm
not a fan of the Duchess of Sussex I commend
her for speaking out. With an eloquence that
a white guy like me could never achieve. All
the more real given she lives with derision on
a daily basis. And I don't.
True confessions 
Who knew the royal family and rednecks had
the same problem? All of us - no matter our
color, class, or creed share a tainted legacy of
racism. One which skews our perspective in
ways that not only damage our credibility but
deter us from moving on. Yet it seems we may
have reached our point of no return. Having
evolved to a place where we can no longer lie
to ourselves. A time of reckoning guaranteed
to be painful. However in the end will make
us better for it. It's time to be honest. And to
confront racism and our role in perpetuating
it. And finally end its reign of terror.