Saturday, October 10, 2020


10.10.20 Twelve months later
My sister-in-law keeps a five year journal.
Which affords her the ability to scan who,
what, and where for any date five years
prior. In essence this blog is my diary. A
spot where I jot down whatever is on my
mind at that moment. Today I'm totally
consumed with the upcoming election,
Mr. Trump's bizarre antics, and how to
not catch Covid 19. But what was on my
mind last year and the year before? Let's
compare today with yesterday and see
just how much difference a year makes.
Or that possibly nothing really changes.
10,10.19 Anyplace but here

A year ago we were into year two of our
business C+V Home.  My blog focused
on the fact that one did not need to travel
far nor wide to find amazing antiques.
Highlighting all of the treasures ready
and waiting to be found in Lewistown,
Montana. Thankfully twelve months
later business is booming. Thanks to the
reality that Americans are stuck at home.
And redecorating! SELL, SELL, SELL!
10.10.18 Missing in action
Prior to the mid-term elections I was a
bit distracted. Hence this blog focused
on memory gaps. Including the fact
that I had dinner prepped and sitting
ready to be cooked in the left oven. 
Hours later when I pulled it out nothing
had happend. All because I'd turned on
the right not left oven. Meaning that not
only was dinner not ready - I was totally
out of it. Two years later and twice this
week I did exactly the same thing again
and again. Proof that rather than improve
with age, I've gotten worse!
10.10.17 - Cake walk
Three years later I can't keep a secret. So once
again I'm in trouble. Today is Frank's birthday.
By simply letting you know I've committed
the equivalent of Hari Kari. My inability to be
private proves that opposites most certainly do
attract. Thus while I am the town crier... my
better half is a mover and shaker behind the
scenes.  Personal inclinations aside, today is
a big day and hence reason to celebrate. My
man is not only older but BETTER! 

10.10.16 - You made your bed
Four years ago who knew that Donald
Trump would be elected our president?
Especially post the Access Hollywood
"grabbing pussy" debacle. Back then
many assumed that Mr. Trump's gig
was up. Who knew that was the start
of his behavior being ignored or worse,
rewarded. The question now is whether
he will finally be held accountable for
his sins on November third. Or are we
to be punished with four more years?

Five years ago we were adjusting
to Montana post exiting Manhattan.
Celebrating the differences and all
that makes living in the middle of
nowhere worthwhile. Some claim
that  things never change. Yet in
our case couldn't be truer. 1,827
days later we still geel the same.
Happy to call this piece of heaven
named Lewistown home. And so
we come full circle back to the last
best place. Or as we prefer to call it