Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Total crack up
Over the last few weeks events have proven
that Donald Trump's "genius" is not all it's
cracked up to be. A supposed media miracle
worker - he's taken a series of detours which
have certainly afforded him lots of attention.
However not necessarily positive recognition.
Rather - slowly but surely more Americans
have reached the conclusion that Mr. Trump
is NUTS. That's right friends - goofy, gaga, 
coo coo, crazy, out of touch, and at best quite
delusional. Otherwise how does one explain
his antics? Like rushing to the hospital with
Covid 19 only to exit less that 3 days later. 
Shell game
As if that wasn't odd enough - his triumphant
return to the White House ended with ripping
off his mask as he swayed in the wind on the
Truman balcony. Telling America to defy the
Coronavirus along with the advice of his own
medical experts. Said approach being not only
foolhardy but in this writer's humble opinion
just INSANE. Leaving me to the conclusion
I came to decades ago. Which is that Donald
Trump is not only crazier than a fox - he is
certifiably NUTS. That's the only excuse one
can reach based on his behavior, statements, 
and mania. Literally nuttier than a fruit cake.
Kernel of truth
All of which only confirms what the experts
have said from the beginning. Diagnosing
him with megalomania. grandiose delusion,
egomania, personality disorders, OCD, and
a list that goes on and on. Back in 2016 they
tried to warn us when over seventy thousand
shrinks signed a letter affirming that Trump
was NUTS. Later came Mary his niece and
a licensed clinical psychologist who claims
her uncle is not only sick but... a danger to
himself and others. Hence he is cracking up.
Let's hope the majority of Americans will
develop a nut allergy by November third!