Wednesday, October 21, 2020

All or nothing at all?

Anchors aweigh
Stuck in one room for almost one week I've
got cabin fever. As in a steerage cabin on a
freighter bound for Siberia. Not to say that
I don't appreciate the nuances of our lovely
library. While under normal circumstances
I spend most of my day just here. However
when given no other option - even the best
of situations grows tiresome. Fortunately
I've completed a lot of tiresome tasks. The
resulting sense of accomplishment which
outweighs any frustration with being forced
to stay put. That said the bulk of my time is
spent watching TV. The news specifically.
Down the drain
One of the primary reasons many voted for
Donald Trump was his promise to "drain
the swamp". To end the never ending swirl
better known as Washington D.C. Almost
four years later he's only made it worse.
Histrionics aside our government is a mess.
Partisan politics insuring that it's virtually
impossible for those elected to accomplish
anything of consequence. Which is why
many project that Americans wrench all
control of the senate out of Mr. McConnell's
grasp. Shifting to blue versus red or possibly
a lovely shade of violet. Whatever it takes.
Group effort
All of which simply proves that we are our
own worst enemies. Foreign intrigue aside,
it's obvious that we can't agree on anything.
Especially on how to battle the Coronavirus.
Which is why I crave a leader who can drive
consensus, collaboration, and consistency.
Rather than argue masks versus no masks
we should be able to figure out how best to
limit this pandemic. Together we're stronger.
So why not join forces rather than fight? No
matter who wins the election - it's time we
get our act together so we can accomplish 
something.... anything. All together now!