Monday, October 5, 2020


Get well soon?
Many hoped that post his Covid 19 diagnosis
that our President would see the light. That
he would change his ways. Embrace reality.
And HEAL not only himself but the nation.
Like most viral outbreaks, he continues to
infect our political divide. A phenomena that
should come as no surprise to anyone. Even
as he lies in a hospital bed he continues to
manipulate the system. Even more desperate
to alter his karmic course. His behavior may
be disappointing but was inevitable. Hence
it seems that Mr. Trump has yet to hit rock
bottom. And drag America down with him.
Divine retribution?
My noble friends wish him well. Whereas those
most realistic delight in his karmic retribution.
I on the other hand am sick and tired. And more
than skeptical. Is this all just some diversionary
plot? An attempt to alter the election which for
Donald Trump is going the wrong way? In less
than one month one candidate will win. Another
lose. Yet I can't help but wonder if no matter the
outcome we will all suffer from defeat. Due to
the fact that one charlatan was able to basically
take America down. And destroy two hundred
and forty four years of democracy. One man.
One nation. One disaster. ONE term in office.
Pray for us
Ultimately what goes around comes around.
Therefore all who came in contact with the
President of these United States last week
are at risk. However that's the least of our
problems. As some scorn his self indulgent
exposure of a bevy of believers to Covid 19.
Others hold vigil outside his hospital room.
Honoring the most dishonorable despot in
American history. Proof that Trump and the
Coronavirus are the least of our worries.
Rather it's the cancer of derision, prejudice,
hate, and anger that has infected America.
A pestilence against which we have no cure.