Monday, October 12, 2020

Guess who's coming to dinner?

With reservations
Saturday night we dined at one of our favorite
spots. A rustic little inn nestled in the nearby
mountains. Which in these times of Covid 19
is one of our few "fine dining" options. Only
able to get a late reservation - we drove there
in the dark. Grateful when we finally saw our
destination glowing in the distance.  After we
parked we donned our masks before walking
in. Where it was as if time had stood still. And
Coronavirus had never happened. Tables were
tight in the space and packed with people. All
sans masks including staff. All looking at us
as if WE were breaking the rules... not them.
Strangers in paradise
Uncomfortable with said circumstances - we
should have gone with our "gut". However
given we had few to no other options - each
a half hour away we decided to stay. Only to
realize that the table behind us was already
quite over served. Post a plethora of shots,
beers, and cocktails they upped the volume.
As in loud, drunk, and crude. And suddenly,
for the first time in years we felt like we did
not belong here. That two masked gay men
of a blue nature are not only out of sorts but
unwelcome in Donald Trump's red America.
Hence our unappetizing rude awakening.
Off the menu 
When did not caring for others become the
norm? Somehow many Americans feel it's
OK to force others suffer their consequences.
Rather than expose ourselves to their brash
stupidity we should have left. Instead we
willingly violated our piece of mind just to
get a piece of hand cut steak. An error in
judgement that hopefully ends two weeks
from now with a negative result. As in our
Corona tests that is. On the positive side,
lets hope that once Mr. Trump loses on
November third things get back to normal.
And that rudeness will be off the menu!