Thursday, October 29, 2020


Out on a limb?
First we're all facing a tsunami of Coronavirus
infections. Next our hospitals are overloaded
as they care for those impacted. Soon we'll be
mourning those who succumb to the onslaught.
Add the political mania sweeping this nation
due to the upcoming election. Plus the reality
that many of us are out of work, out of school
or out of patience. Then sadly theres the fact
that the thermometer has already fallen below
zero two nights this week in Central Montana.
Oh... and it's snowed with an accumulation of
at least eight inches. Finally we weren't able
to rake our leaves yet. We're going nuts!
Foreign intrigue?
In times such as these everybody is trying to
find their own escape hatch. Any way to avoid
whatever is putting them over the edge. One
of my friends has been perfecting her omelet
making skills. Another slowly painting every
room in the house. Some voraciously binge
watching every show on Netflix. Here in our
house we've been traveling the globe courtesy
of youtube. Yesterday we visited Portugal via
a variety of pseudo experts with questionable
cinematic skills. A welcome break from my
addiction to videos explaining how to identify
real versus fake Chinese ceramics. NUTS!
Shell game?
While the end is near that's only related to the
election. Post next Tuesday it's doubtful that
we'll have a clear winner. And highly probable
that we'll continue to be a bunch of losers for
months to come. Mr. Trump's lies aside - our
Coronavirus threat is going no where anytime
soon. And given related travel bans neither are
we. Thus we're embarking on a long winter of
discontent. Therefore we cannot be our own
worst enemies. We will all have to make the
best of things. Our challenge is where, when,
and how?! Spa day? Hobby lobby? Culinary
quest? Re-read War & Peace? Or hibernate?

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