Monday, June 14, 2021


All or nothing at all?
I don't know about you but I know what I don't
know. Or at least I thought I did. For this writer
life is an endless learning experience. One of
constant discovery, illumination, and evolution.
Hence one could assume that I rarely assume
anything. Yet in truth - I jump to conclusions
just like the rest of you. My hope is that one of
the positive differences between me, myself and
others is that I'm willing to reconsider. Open to
alternatives. And often a reluctant but willing
target. Such shifts driven by facts, data, plus
the occasional gut reactions. Which is why I'm
if nothing else a piece of work in progress.
Tag you're it
Ultimately life's sweet spot is somewhere in the
middle. A state of detente situated between two
extremes. Yet our individual polar opposites are
unique. Thus it can be tough to find common
ground upon a ever shifting bog which lays in
between irreconcilable differences. Our issue
being how does one maintain balance against
all odds? Yesterday we drove up to the cabin.
Along the way a rancher had hung a sign that
read "Just because I'm white doesn't make me
racist.".  Which was quickly followed by a
Burma Shave litany of weak excuses. All that
indicated they were confused at best.
Who knows?
Life's best lessons come via learning from
our mistakes. Rather than opt to be open
to alternatives - many balk at any ideas
that might change their minds. So they dig
their feet in or hang signs in protest. Saying
that the color of one's skin doesn't make us
who we are. When in fact the experiences,
privileges, and competitive edge associated
with being white do just that. Chances are
my roadside friend has never trod upon the
other side. Thus their interaction with Black,
Latino, or Asian Americans has been few
and far between. They've NO idea...
Matters of fact
Prior to jumping to any conclusion one should
take a walk in another's shoes. Or at least an
internet deep dive. Post such a stroll chances
are you'll realize we're not all that different.
However "who" we are is but one component
that drives out destiny. Ultimately it's the what,
when, where, and why of life that makes or
breaks us. All the reason to think before one
draws a line in the sand (or hangs up a sign). 
Immediate denial of endemic racism just may
be the ultimate expression of racist tendencies.
So before you take offense, think about it. You
just might change your mind.