Thursday, October 1, 2020


History repeats itself
My granddaughter called me earlier today.
Laughing hysterically as her Mother (my
eldest) was singing along with Pavarotti in
the car. After all she grew up on opera and
many doses of Puccini. Whereas her sister
my youngest has a passion for Piaf. Both
living proof that apples don't fall far from
the tree. It's amazing how adults influence
children both negatively and positively in
subtle and random ways. Leading others
by example. Even if unaware who, what,
or where we cast our spell. All the reason
to be self aware. And a positive influence.
Prima donna
Sadly as his performance the other evening
indicates, our President doesn't give a damn.
At least when it comes to making a very bad
impression. Completely self consumed, he's
happiest making all others uncomfortable.
Which for most of his life was fine as few in
Manhattan wanted to interact with washed
up wannabe from Queens. Unfortunately all
of that changed in 2016. His election placing
him in the highest role in our land. One he's
woefully inadequate or wantonly unwilling
to rise to. Hence the crisis we're in. Given
our top dog is a confirmed and nasty cad. 
Curtain call
For most the older we get, the wiser. However
evidence proves that Mr. Trump hasn't learned
his lesson. Someday the truth will find him out.
And history will decide what his legacy truly
is. Yet based on what we've seen this far, it's
highly doubtful he'll be held in high esteem.
Given karma is if nothing else reciprocal, I've
no doubt Donald Trump will go down on the
record as a dismal failure. Unless he gets his
way and turns our country into a dictatorship.
Which is why we must stop him November
3rd. After all, isn't it better to be remembered
for having made our world a better place?!