Friday, October 23, 2020


No pain - no gain
With ten days until election day I'm pooped.
Totally over political histrionics, hijinks, and
hullabaloo.  Everyday our mailbox is filled
with flashy incendiary political statements.
All which aren't worth the paper that they're
printed on. Then theres the aggressive asault
of bombastic election broadcast. Spewing a
stream of lies, promises, and everything in
between. Both sides making their arguments.
All for naught as the majority of Americans
made up our minds months ago. No wonder
most of us can't wait to vote. As others line
up to vote early. We've ALL had enough.
Give and take
As you read this we've survived yet another
presidential debate. Obviously it's certain to
be a doozy. Yet who knows whether such a
public confrontation was worth our time and
effort. All will be looking to affirm that our
choice is the right one. And theirs wrong.
So whatever is said, few will be swayed. As
someone once said - it is what it is. A done
deal. The ultimate fait accompli. Or possibly
a colossal waste of time. Meaning that on
this morning after - most of America will be
exhausted, repulsed, and resolute. Ready for
this election to be over. And someone OUT!
Everybody wins 
Will America be changed for the better
post November Third? Has this electoral
test of our resolve brought us together or 
driven us further apart? While we're all
sick and tired, the truly hard work has yet
to begin. If Mr. Trump wins - the battle to
save our democracy must continue. If Mr.
Biden succeeds  - the process of healing
our republic will start in earnest. Either
way it will be a painful process. I hope
we can join together to protect freedom,
liberty, and justice for all. In order to build
a brighter future for ALL AMERICANS.