Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Blow hard
OK... I'm in trouble. But I can't keep
a secret. Today is Frank's birthday. By
simply letting you all know I've just
committed the equivalent of Hari Kari.
My inability to be propitiously private
proves that opposites most certainly do
attract. Thus while I am the town crier...
my better half is a behind the scenes
mover and shaker. Personal inclinations
aside, today is a big day and hence like
it or not reason to celebrate. After all,
my man is absolutely amazing. And if
only for a day that's reason to celebrate!

Brief encounter
Post our initial meeting in a bar, few
thought this would last. Frankly my
Frank seemed too nice a guy for this
rather screwed up fool. At the point
of said encounter my world (and I)
was a mess. Not only was my cash
flow perilous at best, I was slowly
finding my way in the gay realm. At
that point finding someone looking
for anything beyond a one night fling
was rare indeed. Yet we clicked. And
for over twenty years since it's only
gotten better and better and better...

Opposites attract
On the surface it seems that we really
don't share the same interests. In truth
nothing could be more incorrect. We
are beyond compatible in mysterious
ways that are impossible to explain.
He is most defiantly the ying to my
yang. And even if I'm most definitely
Mrs. Spratt to his Jack - love is the
great equalizer. In the end we balance
each other therefore perfectly. The sum
of our total is much greater than when
we're apart. Therefore our partnership
simply works with little to no effort.

Off beat
One thing is certain - neither of us
are party boys. Don't get me wrong
we like to be entertained. However
rather than dancing till dawn we
prefer sitting in orchestra seats on
the aisle. We rarely burn midnight
oil and when we do it's over an
intimate dinner with friends. Just
knowing we're together provides
a sense of peace that eliminates
any need to prove anything to...
anybody. Frank makes my heart
dance even if I ain't got rhythm!

Here's to you
So today I raise a toast to my ultimate
Mr. Right. You are so amazing in so
many ways. Everything about Mr. V.
makes me happy and because of you
I'm a better man. What can I give the
man who theoretically has it all? My
undying love and commitment. For
today you'll also get some presents
and yes, we'll sing as you blow out
the candles.  However my hope is
you will agree that we both already
have the best gift of all - each other.

Dear friends -
My apologies for this repeat performance. However Frank and I are away in the hills of Connecticut. And given internet service is not assured - I'm rerunning this celebration in his honor just in case. ENJOY!