Saturday, October 17, 2020


Surprise party
As many know - I loathe grocery shopping.
With two grocers now in Lewistown, my
old favorite has cut back. Hence the other
day I was waiting in a looong line to check
out. When suddenly the phone rang. The
caller informing me that someone I'd been
in close contact with had tested positive for
Covid 19. Therefore I had to be tested and
go into quarantine immediately. Soon it
became obvious that the infected party had
been hesitant to share their news. Well, not
until they got their results. A huge error in
judgment. Why not warn everyone earlier?
The truth be told
Nobody likes bad news. Especially when it
involves a deadly virus. However in times
like these it's never been more important to
speak up. Even if ultimately nothing comes
of it. In my case, all of this could have been
avoided had the infected party had simply
stayed at away. Or asked me to do just that.
Easier said than done given all of us have
lives to lead. Yet having to suddenly drop
everything to enter a state of suspended
animation isn't healthy. We're all in this
together. Each having the responsibility to
speak our truth in order to protect others.
A total so and so
Obviously what many of us haven't been
doing is making us sick. Herding together
without masks not only endangers those
involved - but all whom said sheep come
into contact with. To avoid risk we must
spread the word not germs. Wear a mask.
Wash our hands. Keep our distance. And
stay away when necessary. For now I'm
limiting my sphere of influence. Sitting
things out until I get my test results. So
I'm being antisocial. Assuming that I'm
positive. Warning all to be very careful.