Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Mind over matters
It's funny how one's mind plays tricks. Hence
the joke is always on we victims of delusional
forces beyond our control. Five days later I'm
still sans Coronavirus test results. Meanwhile
any ache, pain, hot flash, or chill evolves into
a potential threat. Understandable as I worry
about being infected with a viral tsunami. Yet
I'm not the only one going nuts. Our American
angst is fueled by the upcoming election. Add
a leader in meltdown. Plus an economy which
may bottom out. And let's not forget that most
kids are out of school while their parents are
working out of the home. We're in a hot mess.
Against all odds
Under such circumstances one might assume
that there is nothing (or nobody) we can trust.
A conspiracy theory which in truth is probably
more right than wrong. As everyone spins out
of control our lives have become battlegrounds.
Where opposing forces fight to gain control.
Leaving us to spinning in an endless swirl of
conflicting priorities No wonder we all worry
that the world as we know it may soon end.
Or better yet that somehow we can all go back
to life as we recall it. A kinder, gentler place
where everybody lived in perfect harmony.
Or... at least pretended to do and think so.
Positive diagnosis
I'll admit it seems like things have never been
worse. However on closer inspection we find
that it's never been better. Sure Donald Trump
and his tribe have messed up. Then again most
of life as we know it has truly improved since
we were tots. Need I remind you about life in
the sixties? Of beloved national figures being
assassinated before our very eyes? Viet Nam?
Cigarette induced lung cancer? Housewives
stuck in suburbia? And suddenly the world as
we know it might not be as bad as we think it
is. Rather than play mind games isn't it time
we turned our fantasies into reality?