Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Loser takes all
Desperate people do desperate things. That's
the only explanation I can provide for some
folk's behavior. In Lewistown Biden-Harris
signs are few and far between. However that
is not because most locals lean red. Rather
it's due to the fact that some are editing our
options. As in stealing Biden-Harris signs off
their neighbor's lawns. The proof being that
someone found about thirty stolen signs in
a trash bin. While I find my neighbor's signs
in support of Mr. Trump beyond distasteful -
I'd never sink so low as to steal their right to
an opinion. Is that what makes me blue?!
The fight of our lives
Sadly a process of elimination is happening
across the country. It's cause?  FEAR. Even
the staunchest of Trump junkies are worried.
Claims to the contrary Fox News polls show
the President's margin growing weaker tweet
by tweet. Hence some of us are lashing out
in ways unbecoming to our political process.
Fortunately there continue to be good people
on both sides. As in those election officials
responsible for insuring that everyone gets
a vote. Yet many worry about Election Day.
Could voter intimidation be their last offense?
Will Trump's "army" try to stand in our way?
Signs of the times
If nothing else such cheating hearts reinforce
that rotten apples don't fall far from the tree. 
On Sunday the New York Times released yet
another report related to Mr. Trump's finances.
Outlining in detail the millions of dollars that
have come his way via questionable political
channels. Ample proof that tax evasion is the
least of his crimes against America. So while
stealing and deceit may bring short term gain -
cheaters NEVER prosper. Fortunately for all
of us Mr. Trump and his followers may steal
our signs. However as far as we know it they
can't steal our votes. Or hopefully the election.