Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Miracle man
Some folks must learn the hard way. And that's
fine. Rather than adapt post mistakes, they push
life's envelope to the edge of extinction. Where
finally when it can't get worse they face reality.
Frankly that's what I hoped would happen if or
when Mr. Trump contracted the Coronavirus.
That he would humbly embrace said challenge.
Instead a speedy recovery made him invincible.
A delusional outcome that comes as no surprise.
Given every megalomaniac assumes they are
the exception to all rules. So rather than change
for the better he's only gotten worse. Leading to
the reckless endangerment of America at large.
Herd impunity?
At issue is the fact that we don't know the facts
about his illness. Hence many wonder what all
the fuss is about. Could Mr. Trump be living
proof that all of the risks related to Coronavirus
are overblown? Does a quick turnaround usurp
the prior deaths of two hundred thousand plus
Americans? Therefore should we ignore all of
the upswings in local infections? Is it better to
opt out of any pre-emptive strike? To surrender?
Are we silly lambs led to slaughter? Or fools
hiding behind masks as we attempt to avoid the
inevitable? Is our right to "freedom" worth any
of the risks involved? Should we just give in?
Group therapy
Maybe it's time to put things in context. Let's
assume we're not all at risk. Embrace the idea
that taking a risk is simply a personal decision.
That might be fine if we weren't dealing with
a viral enemy. Good or bad intentions aside -
anybody can infect somebody else. Which is
the reason most of us are doing what's best
for all of us. Assuming pre-existing conditions
are a Covid 19 death sentence - why wouldn't
you wear a mask? Knowing that your germs
could adversely infect others - why not keep
your distance? If you consider yourself a good
person - how can you not do what's best for all?