Friday, October 9, 2015

Mine eyes have seen the glory

Perceived reality
Complacency is if nothing else a set
of veritable blinders. Sans a fresh
perspective we all tend to see things
through anything but rose colored
glasses. Continuity equals banality
in that the same old becomes rather
tiresome as the years go by. That
may be the only explanation as to
why many here in Lewistown seem
unable to view our community from
an optimistic vantage point. The fact
is that any newcomer instantly sees
this place for what it is. Good or bad.
Short sighted
I'll admit that I'm as guilty as the next.
While living in Manhattan I truly did
not appreciate all that it had to offer.
Surrounded by world class museums,
music, culture, dining, and shopping -
I was bored. Putting it another way
I was more than jaded. Having been
there and done that I didn't consider
anything very special or unique. Thus
I glided through said magical world
in anything but a state of bliss. In fact,
I complained of being bored. If only
I'd known then what I know now...
Limited visibility
Imagine that. Every evening we had
an array of restaurants to select from.
And yet, we tended to stay close to
home in our own neighborhood. I.e.
about a mile square radius. The same
applied to shopping. Barney's and
Sak's defined both our northern and
southern borders respectively. While
we occasionally ventured to the West
Village or Soho, said forays were of
a random nature at best. Proof that
most humans are lazy, myopic or
both. When will we see the light?!
World vision
Once one finds their comfort zone
leaving rare indeed. Everything
and anything looks better with
a fresh set of eyes. Hence post
exiting one's natural habitat one
finds all sorts of new and magical
things. Most of which the locals
rarely acknowledge exist. Which
brings me to the subject of today's
blog. Simply put - it's time to look
around and appreciate what you
have. While some take umbrage
with that assumption, they're blind.
View finder
Every morning I still marvel at the
beautiful home we inhabit. Part of
that gratitude is due to the fact that
it took years and much commitment
to transform then into now. Oddly
I've always been able to see both
the forest and the trees. That could
be due to the fact that at times, I've
already lost it all only to regain
something even better. Losing it
is if nothing else traumatic. Yet
ultimately it's transformative. What's
here today could be gone tomorrow.
See for yourself
Do yourself a favor. Stop, look, listen.
Do whatever it takes to remove any
and all preconceived notions. Who
knows? That old friend could become
a new lover. Or you may find a way
out of what until now you assumed
was a dead end. What limits your
options is you. Therefore the only
reason our community can't be more
is also... YOU. Why sit alone in the
dark? Open your eyes and see the
light. And then... do whatever it
takes to make our world even better!