Monday, October 19, 2020


Upstairs, downstairs
Staying close to home can be challenging. Yet
when given no other option except to stay put
one has no choice but to make do. For the past
four days I've been in quarantine. Waiting sans
any symptoms for my Coronavirus test results.
Isolated on the second floor as far from Frank
as possible. Leaving my much better and more
patient half in full charge of the kitchen. The
end result being three glorious meals delivered
daily via a tray on the mid stairs landing. Well
fed while in my personal state of suspended
animation I'm left with little to do. But spend
my day on-line, watching TV, and snoozing.

Time out
For once Montana's weather was in our favor.
Making my forced indentureship all the easier.
As I write it's been snowing for two days plus.
Creating a winter white out made all the better
if viewed from afar. Affording Frank plenty of
time to take care of his reluctant debutante. A
job that while definitely not normal has been
exceptionally well done. While absence makes
the heart grow fonder - food prepared with love
feeds the soul. In addition we've stayed in touch
via texts, phone calls, and chats across the great
divide. Which requires my playing Juliet to his
Romeo from my perch above our stair hall.

To have and have not
Long distance relationships are not easy. But
for us it's familiar territory. For years we spent
long periods of time miles apart. So we know
that distance inevitably brings us closer. As it 
forces both to appreciate the bond that keep us
together.The greatest gift courtesy of my hiatus
has been the gentleman who keeps on giving.
While hands off - Frank has graciously, kindly,
and lovingly cared for me. Hence against all
odds this quarantine has been a positive test
of our marriage. Even as we await a hopefully
negative test result.. Yet another example that
there is good in everything. LESS IS MORE.